Gavin Walden’s life in Winchester, KY before Job Corps was crumbling. He was 16 years old, removed from the public school system, facing truancy in homeschool, and being lured into the easy money of the “street life” as he refers to. Nothing was going right in his life, he was getting into fights, doing drugs, [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center is always happy to highlight alumni/graduates that have become successful in their life outside of job corps. This week Henry Powell class of 2018 took some time to explain how he’s been successful. Before coming to Job Corps Henry was practicing to enter the Military. He planned to enter [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center is always happy to highlight alumni/graduates that have completed job corps successfully and have transitioned into their career. So, today Adaya Earp a 2018 graduate has been highlighted for her hard work and continued effort to be successful. She was a member of the Transportation Communication Union advanced [...]

Our monthly TalkAbout e-newsletter turned daily in an effort to maintain the student connection while on Spring Break (see previous blogs). With a content plan in place now, we’ve designated Monday as TalkAbout Coping Day. Each Monday students will receive messaging that provides them tools for coping with events or issues that may take place [...]

The Muhlenberg Job Corps Center hosted its first 2020 Community Relations Council meeting on Feb. 20th to promote the center and its training programs to community members and inform members about the center’s community service projects and events on campus. Muhlenberg Job Corps Business Community Liaison Jacob Groves introduced new Center Director Gavin Gorham to [...]

Though our students are home for Spring Break, we would like to continue to recognize and celebrate their successes. Recently the Recreation Department hosted an Art Contest with the following guidelines: submit a work of art (painting, drawing, sketch, etc.) inspired by someone who lost their life to substance abuse. It could be a friend, [...]

RIVERTON, WY – As students settle in back home for a few unplanned Spring Break weeks, it might be easy getting comfy on the couch and lose sight of goals. The staff at Wind River Job Corps want to help students defend themselves from that lethargy with daily messages of encouragement and action strategies. Our [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center has taken all of necessary precautions and health procedures to make sure that all men and women on center are safe. As of Tuesday March, 16, 2020 all student arrivals at Job Corps centers will cease, and all off campus activity is suspended. Students have been instructed to [...]

Tax Season

March 17th, 2020

It’s Tax Season! There’s plenty of students that have worked part time jobs and received a W-2 in the mail, but they often don’t file their taxes. Why?!!! Most students are not aware of the various tax credits available for low income individuals or for being a parent/head of household. So this year, the Business [...]

The WRJC saw a mass exodus today as students headed home for Spring Break, as a CV-19 precaution. The event was orderly and fast-activated with just a few hours prior notice (about 12 hours from the mass departures). Every body on campus chipped in to help with notifying parents of minors, processing required admin paperwork, [...]