Ms. Mintlow is a Office Administration instructor that doesn’t limit her care for students to the trade or her classroom. She cares enough to seek out donations of dresses for students that didn’t have the type of wardrobe they really desired to wear to the center’s Valentine’s Dance. Since the dance was presented as a [...]

This year our center decided to send Valentine’s Day Cards to more than member of Congress, we sent multiple cards to 5 different Congressmembers. Due to the size of Los Angeles County and the number of students from different areas, there are 5 Congressional districts that many of our students come from or still live [...]

Wind River Job Corps students in Riverton had the opportunity to show their appreciation to Senator John Barrasso today (Tuesday) at the President’s week meeting of the local Rotary Club. Nationally recognized birthdays of Presidents Washington and Lincoln were honored at the meeting. As the keynote speaker for the meeting, held at Central Wyoming College’s [...]

On a day of love, where so many students find reasons to laugh and celebrate, others may feel more isolated. Carpentry student, Phillip Johnson received a standing ovation when he spoke on this topic at today’s Valentines Day student body rally. Phillip talked of those who may have lost a loved one permanently, or a [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center Student Government Association posed for a picture (L-R) Destiny, Jordan, Mr. Davis, Deputy Center Director, Shanae, and William were all a part of the MYPACE Experience Meeting on Tuesday February 11, 2020 at 9:00am. The picture was taken in the recreation center right before joining the meeting. Each member [...]

Valentine’s Day at Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center is a time to share the love. As the old saying goes, “It is better to give than to receive,” That’s definitely a moral instilled in the hearts of our students. On Thursday, November 13th Carl D. Perkins Youth 2 Youth Partners for Peace ambassadors and [...]

What better day to express our thanks to our members of Congress, local elected officials, municipalities, WBL employers, community influencers and CRC council members than on Valentines Day with a personalized poster. At the regular Friday student business meeting, we took a photo of all students and staff holding large letters that spelled out Thank [...]

Clearfield Job Corps Students from SGA visit Member of Congress offices the day before Valentines Day to deliver a special-hand made card and treats.

By:  Jacob Groves New equipment enhances Heavy Equipment Operations training The Muhlenberg Job Corps Center received $500,000 from the Department of Labor to bring its Heavy Equipment Operations career technical training program into the 21st century. Muhlenberg Job Corps used the $500,000 allotment to purchase a skid-steer, dozer, mini-excavator, excavator, front-end loader and backhoe. This [...]

By:  Jacob Groves Marco Penn, who graduated from Muhlenberg Job Corps in 2016 and has worked for Walgreens since then, returned to the center Jan. 23 to thank Pharmacy Technician Instructor Glenda Harris for her role in his education and to present her with beautiful flowers. Penn, who earned a credential as a pharmacy technician [...]