WE ARE – Northlands Huskies!

September 21st, 2020

The Northlands Job Corps Center recently took a student poll to decide on our mascot.  We had been known as the Northlands Bulldogs, but felt it was time for a re-branding, a new identity.  The students took a vote during an assembly and we are now known as the Northlands Huskies.   We soon went to [...]

The Northlands Job Corps Center, located in Vergennes, VT, is pleased to announce the graduation of Neil Nelson, on July 31, 2020, from the Automotive Light Maintenance and Repair program.  Since starting the program in the Winter of 2019, Neil has been a rising star.  His achievements include certificates in AC Delco and Safety and [...]

Lensa Warkese Age: 30 Hometown: Ethiopia Region: Philadelphia Center: Blue Ridge Dates enrolled: 7/23/2013-8/25/2015 Training: Nursing Assistant, High School Diploma Lensa Warkesa came to the United States from Ethiopia as a young adult in search of a better life. Shortly after arrival, she took the best job she could find, working in retail at a [...]

Thank You Cleveland Job Corps

September 16th, 2020

A year ago, Cincinnati, Ohio native Norriah Plummer recalls listening to music in her bathroom when she heard “Are you looking for a career?” from a Job Corps commercial. Excited by what she heard, she dropped what she was doing and applied right away. “I was so happy when the admissions counselor called and told [...]

Little did I know the advice and encouragement I received from the staff at the Cleveland Job Corps Center would affect me so greatly in life,” described twenty-nine-year-old Jordan Powell. The 2012 Pharmacy Technician graduate now has three children. Jordan is a full-time college student at Indiana Wesleyan University and works part-time as a loan [...]

The Cleveland Job Corps Center’s (CJCC) Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) program is accredited by National Healthcareer Association (NHA). The role of a CMA is vital to medical facilities. Medical professionals rely on CMA’s to do administrative and clinical procedures effectively thus ensuring patient appointments go smoothly. The CMA course at CJCC prepares students to work [...]

Shriver’s sweetheart…….

September 16th, 2020

Meet Solveig Steeman…..if you’re ever looking for someone special to admire, look no further! Solveig is Shriver’s sweetheart and she knows how to make us proud.  She is a 23 year old student originally from China moving to many other countries and lastly to the U.S. about five years ago.  She graduated from Littleton High [...]

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Counseling Department hosts donation drive for local community partner, St. Vincent Mission. After a month of collecting donations, the counseling department cheerfully delivered their contributions to the mission on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 on behalf of the staff of Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center. “We became aware of a [...]

Charleston Outreach and Admissions team members start the week off with Haircuts of Hope. Christina Hazelette states, ” this is one of my favorite outreach efforts to date!” Christina joined by a good friend who is also a beautician, Ashley Parker, along with co-worker Cassie Lawhon, CTS Specialist in the Huntington area, went to the [...]

Even though Liliane Umuhoza has not officially completed her Job Corps training, she already is working full time in the healthcare field. When Umuhoza was sent home after Muhlenberg Job Corps closed its campus because of the COVID19 pandemic, she immediately began to look for work. She was hired by Signature Health Care in Bowling [...]