Potomac Job Corps Center student D. Moore has been selected to represent Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia next week at the International Builder Show in Las Vegas. With his continuous approach to be successful he will become one of few to actually service a model home and building at the [...]

Muhlenberg Job Corps’ welding instructors Marty Wabnitz and Eddie Albin displayed their fabricating skills by building an indoor driving sled for Hopkins County Central’s football team.  When Hopkins County High School football team started looking for an indoor driving sled to assist the football team in preparing for the upcoming season, assistant coach Marty Wabnitz [...]

Potomac Job Corps Center hosted a meeting with community partners to create a pipeline of talent within the Washington, D.C. region towards recruitment. A former Potomac student scholar joined the event along with current students engaged in the academic and career focused training of the center. Students invested in the safety, health, and recruitment of [...]

Angelica Washington Age: 22 Hometown: Richmond, VA Region: Philadelphia Center: Blue Ridge Dates enrolled: 8/16/2016- 11/28/2017 Training: CMA, High School Diploma Angelica Washington grew up with her mother and her sister in Richmond, VA. She attended Huguenot High School in Richmond, but she did not complete, so she was searching for a way to earn [...]

Imagine moving to a country where you don’t know the language and are too old to attend high school? Qusai Othman overcame this challenge and is thriving as a member of Omnicare’s Revenue Qualifying team. “In Jordan, I worked as a dental technician but I needed to learn English to work in America,” said Othman, [...]

Davante Mays, 23, is heading to Clearfield, Utah after being accepted into their diesel mechanics program. “I’ll pretty much just learn how to fix cars and then focus more on how to fix the big machinery such as bulldozers,” said Davante. “I’m going to try and get my hands pretty much on anything. I like [...]

The Youth2Youth,Partners4Peace(Y2Y) student ambassadors at Carl D. Perkins Job Corps kicked off the new year with a”New Year, NewYou” health fair Jan.25. The event was part of the ongoing efforts of the student ambassadors to promote peace and encourage all students and staff to be “a better you in mind, body and soul!”

After graduating from Logan High School in 2017, David Brindley didn’t know what career he wanted to pursue so he decided to move to the Cleveland area for more employment opportunities. His brother, Adam Brindley, graduated in 2018 from the Earl C. Clemons Job Corps Center in Kentucky as a Wire Technician and spoke to [...]

To celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., students and staff of the Cleveland Job Corps Center joined people across the country to serve the community. Volunteering is an important part of the Cleveland Job Corps mission, and students and staff participated in various events this month. On January 20, 2019, Cleveland [...]

Y2Y (Youth to Youth) Ambassadors from the Whitney Young Job Corps Center operated by Horizon Youth Services headed to Frankfort, KY to meet with Senator Whitney Westerfield. The Y2Y student ambassadors lobbied for an anti-bullying bill name Alex Law. Senator Westerfield was very supportive and stated that the passage of the bill will take time [...]