It’s a “great” day at Potomac Job Corps Center! The young men and women at Potomac Job Corps had the opportunity to start the “2018 Rock The Vote Campaign” today. Potomac Job Corps and The District of Columbia Board of Elections partnered together today to help register and preregister young men and women for the 2018 General Election. Students asked questions about the importance of voting and how can our voices be heard through voting. Students who reside in a state outside of the District of Columbia were encouraged to also fill-out an absentee voting ballot in their city or state by computer to make sure their voices can also be heard.

The Muhlenberg Job Corps Center hosted the Kentucky Governor’s office staff and cabinet secretaries for dinner on October 8, 2018. The Governor was scheduled to be in attendance but due to flight delays, was unable to attend, however, more than 15 members of his staff and cabinet were in attendance and discussed topics such as [...]

The Potomac Job Corps Center family Welcomes Nolyn Fueller to the Potomac team. It’s a great day at Potomac Job Corps Center. Nolyn Fueller, Vice President of Operations with Horizon Youth Services had the opportunity to be a part of the planning and leadership activities during his visit. Staff and students welcomed Nolyn Fueller to [...]

This year is the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Nations dedicates September 21st of every year to international peace, and the diversity within the Job Corps program is the perfect place to support this cause. The Youth 2 Youth club at the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center joined other centers [...]

On October 2, approximately 25 young ladies from WMYJCC were selected to be a part of a special group called Women of Whitney (WOW). They enjoyed the special recognition and the opportunity to come together to share and support important information with each other. The 2018 Women of Whitney theme is Refined Pearls. Each young [...]

Omar Harrison has successfully completed both cement and brick trades while he attended the Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center. Harrison arrived to the WMYJCC on May 30, 2017 and departed on Monday, September 10th, to start his new fulltime positon with Hagerman on Tuesday, September 11th. Everything happen so quickly for Harrison in September, [...]

In the early morning on September 27, 2018 around 7AM, 16 WMYJCC construction students were dressed and ready to make a statement as they headed to the Frenchburg Job Corps Center with their instructors to compete in the first KY Job Corps Trade Olympics. The winner of the KY Job Corps Olympics will not only [...]


October 7th, 2018

The WMYJCC Committee kicked off Kentucky State University Week with an Onward and Upward Men’s Monday workshop emphasizing personal growth and development. After several presentations and personal stories were shared by staff, the day concluded with a ceremonial component with approximately 20 young men learning to tie a tie together. The students wrapped the wisdom [...]


October 7th, 2018

The Whitney Young Job Corps Y2Y students went beyond conversation by standing strong together! Y2Y stands for Youth to Youth and Partners 4 PEACE. On Monday, September 17, the Whitney Young Job Corps Center Y2Y Week kicked off with an inspirational speech on what is PEACE, from Pharmacy Tech student, Javion Holiday. Holiday spoke from [...]

Whitney Young Job Corps Brick and Cement graduate, Torran Cox, is officially a member of the Local 4 Union thanks to the career technical training he received from his Brick and Cement instructors. Cox first came to Whitney Young Job Corps in May of 2017 after working various manufacturing jobs in his home state Tennessee [...]