By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center celebrated another successful community relations council meeting. The meeting featured members of the community and the leadership team at Potomac. The community had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the BCL to understand the mission, vision, and training that students and staff participate in during a [...]

Care Packages……Shriver students received a care package consisting many items of basic needs. This was an effort to assist students in preparing for the return to campus. Many staff members were assigned a few students to add a little note of encouragement. The actual date of return has not been determined but the training continues through the Google Classroom Program.

HVAC graduate builds career in heating, cooling business Petros Deressa chose Job Corps to further his education, opportunities Charleston Job Corps graduate Petros Deressa saw Job Corps as an ideal opportunity to further his educationand job training and become acclimated to American culture.  Deressa had earned an accounting degree from Rifet Valley University in Ethiopia, [...]

Northlands Students of the Week

November 19th, 2020

Jeremiah Chaparro has spent the last eight months working full time under a contractor in southern Vermont.   He never imagined when he started at Job Corps over two years ago that his goal to become a welder would be sidetracked by a pandemic and he would be learning not one, but two trades!  While the [...]

Northlands Welcomes Back Students

November 19th, 2020

Northlands Job Corps is one of the Centers that (luckily!) was chosen to be able to return students to Center.  On Sunday, November 8th, we welcomed back our first cohort of nine students and on November 15th, another ten students, bringing our on Center student total to 30!  All of Northlands staff and all returning [...]

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center, Honoring our hero’s 11-11-2020. Every year on November 11th, citizens across the United States, Europe, and Great Britain pause, organize events and parades, and reserve time to commemorate veterans of all wars, particularly those who are still living. Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center currently proudly employs 7 veterans; [...]

What does Veterans Day celebrate? Veterans Day is held in honor of all those who served in the United States Armed Forces. This is different from Memorial Day which honors those who died while serving. Who celebrates this day? Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States. All non-essential government agencies and many [...]

Northlands Celebrates CMA grads

November 16th, 2020

Written by: Northlands CMA Instructor Andy Conte This event troubled me from the start. COVID-19 was getting in the way of one of my students completing the CMA program. Performing the phlebotomy sticks is typically one of the most difficult skills for a student to master. Sticking a needle into someone’s arm can be traumatic [...]

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a number of “firsts” to Charleston Job Corps – including the center’s  virtual election of the Executive Board of the Student Government Association. Students elected Bryan Wurster as president, Ymari Pyatt, vice president, DeJuan Hodges as secretary, Priscilla Bower, as treasurer, Cierra Bailey as sergeant at arms, Kyesha [...]

A recent job fair at the Liberty Arena in Williamsport, PA, was a successful day of connections and partnership, says Red Rock admissions counselor, Aleisha Amadi, shown above. Held on October 7, Ms. Amadi spent the day presenting the Job Corps program to the community, informing individuals who were not aware of the program and [...]