By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center Recreation Department celebrated Read Across America on 3/2/2021. The recreation team devised a plan to connect with with elementary students despite distance. The recreation department read a Dr. Seuss book to 2nd grade students. Although, learning all across the nation has been creative and modified, Potomac staff and [...]

Ralph Jean Baptiste arrived in Connecticut from Haiti in 2014 wanting to complete high school but was challenged with a language barrier.  He attended school to learn English in Connecticut first then was recommended to join Job Corps to earn his high school diploma.  He enrolled at Northland Job Corps in Vermont and received his HSD [...]

March 16, 2020 – January 5, 2021 9 months and 20 days later!

Before Elijah Taybron began his training at the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center in 2017, he was working for FedEx with no formal job training. Taybron was led to the Job Corps program by his desire to learn and trade and become an independent adult. While in the program, Taybron studied welding and received his 1G [...]

Valentine cards were mailed out to the Members of Congress from students who wrote messages expressing their apprecia- tion for supporting Job Corps whenever possible. Anything the MOC can do for the sake of our young adults is appreciated. They understand the students are given an opportunity to complete their high school education as well as gain a trade completion to benefit them towards a successful career path.

Special thanks to the following students:
Ashley Miranda, Andy Cunningham, Iman
Muyeeb, Daniel Smith, Skye Batista, Calvin Washington, Yonatan Peguero, Luis Guerrero Rebecca Kasenge, Michael Bilik, and Beatrice Jones for volunteering in this project!

Ruger, has been actively working!
There’s nothing more homelike than to have the pet of your dreams whenever you want! Ruger has been a hit on the campus of Shriver Job Corps. Students have really enjoyed him but, for sure, Ruger is loving every minute of the attention.

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps trainee doubles wage earnings upon graduation! “Job Corps helped me achieve the goals that I have always wanted for myself.” states Sanara Sidney, Advanced Security and Protective Services graduate. Sidney earned her High School Diploma in 2016 in her hometown of South Carolina. She was 21 years old, working at [...]

Charleston Job Corps’ business community liaison, Nancy Shepherd, held the center’s first virtual Black History Celebration on February 26. All Students, Staff and the Administration were invited to learn the value of black history and why it is so relevant today.  The program was highlighted by our gust speaker Maureen Dillard, from the WV Department [...]

To honor the memory and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the staff at the Cleveland Job Corps Center held a MLK Day Commemoration. On January 18, 2021, Residential Counselors Stephen Furlow-Munn, and Joseph Clark highlighted the work and service of the great leader and influencer. They encouraged students to not only believe but [...]

Potomac Job Corps Students Return

February 24th, 2021

By: Barrington Tolliver Staff members at Potomac Job Corps Center for were finally able to reconnect with social distancing in place all of the men and women who returned back to center on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. The anticipation for student arrival has grown since March 2020. During the time that students were gone Potomac [...]