Alaska Job Corps Center

Alaska Job Corps graduates receive personal high praise from Senator and Governor

August 31st, 2015

Alaska Job Corps graduates have a  large community support group backing them.  As they walked across the graduation stage last week, they shook hands with the Governor of the State of Alaska, Bill Walker; U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan; and President of Chugach Alaska Corporation, Gabe Kompkoff.  In the audience were bank presidents, Mayors, State Representatives, Congressional aides, employers from a variety of businesses, School District and college representatives,  families, friends, instructors and students.  All of this support is not accidental.  The Job Corps program in Alaska has a stunning history of successful alumni.  Everyone knows that this federal program delivers careers to the young people from all across the state.  Nearly every large established business and commercial company in the state has successful Job Corps graduates employed.  Therefore when there’s a Job Corps graduation, everyone celebrates the entry of more and more well trained employees to the Alaskan work force.