Alaska Job Corps Center

Alaska Job Corps Students Learn From the Pros

September 27th, 2016

Alaska Job Corps students are always looking for the helpful tips for employment.  In the above picture, guest speaker Barbara Green, EEO Manager of the National Park Service offered advice on federal employment and USA Jobs hiring portal. The employer meeting included a frank discussion about the actual possibilities for Job Corps graduates.

Career professionals visit Alaska Job Corps on a regular basis.  Not only do they inform but they provide important information and network advice for the transitioning and graduating students.  In the last few months, many speakers have offered their service, including Donna Anthony, CEO, Alaska Investigation Agency, City of Palmer (and former alumni) Water/waste Water Supervisor Alysia Howell Anderson, Alumni Glenn Evans who is now a manufacturing boss, and construction boss Dennis Courtney.

Career Transition Services are a functional bridge between the Job Corps training and real life employment at the Alaska Job Corps Center.  Employment Specialists assist with the placement of completed students in positions and help with the details of a successful transition.

Alaska Job Corps is operated by Chugach Management Solutions as part of their educational effort to provide training, success and safety to young adults in the National Job Corps program.

(photo credit Shelly Laug)