Atterbury Job Corps Center


April 28th, 2016

The Earth day Shirts were issued, the plants and mulch delivered, the gloves and tools brought out,, and a long standing tradition on the Atterbury Campus began as the “Green Army” emerged to not wage war, but to participate in a Battle to Beautify the Center for the 2016 Job Corps Earth Day. The center divides up logistical areas around the campus for students and staff to take on the task of pulling weeds, laying down new mulch, planting trees, planting flowers, picking up trash, recycling glass, paper, materials, and making their campus a more beautiful and environmentally friendly place. This year we had to battle some soggy weather as it rained the day before our event, and a few times during the day, but our Green Army was Victorious! Thanks to all the staff, students, and volunteers that make this long standing tradition possible!