Hartford Job Corps Center

Please allow me to introduce you to Maurilio Caetano Jr., a Manufacturing student at the Hartford Job Corps Center. Maurilio had to endure many struggles growing up. He’s informed staff of past feelings of having no future, no education, didn’t want to turn to the streets. Maurilio had to care for his 4-yr. old daughter [...]

Jorge decided to enroll in the Hartford Job Corps Academy (HJCA) at the age of 24. He described his life at the time as unstable, influenced by ”street life” and drugs, moving form place to place, and working different jobs. He stated, “I got tired of working dead end jobs that paid minimum wage and making the same [...]

  Kanrod McLeod grew up in Kingston, Jamaica in a community where crime and violence were the norm.  Always wanting to make his mom proud, he did well in school until the escalating violence kept him from attending and obtaining his high school diploma.  When he was 20 years of age, his father brought him [...]

On August 21, 2015, the Hartford Job Corps Academy joined 126 Job Corps centers across the country to celebrate the 5th Annual “National Job Corps Commencement Day”.  Over 120 Clinical Medical Assistants, Certified Nurse Assistants, IFS-Insurance, and Manufacturing graduates walked across the stage. Over 70% of our students enter the workforce in industries for which [...]

Enrico enrolled into the Hartford Job Corps Academy with the hopes of earning his High School Diploma and the skills necessary to start a career with.  He chose the advanced manufacturing career technical training program.  After a rocky start as a residential student, and a second chance living in the dorms on campus, he began [...]

On Monday, April 30th, over 40 staff and students attended the Student Loan Forum hosted by Congressman John Larson at the Connecticut State University.  The forum was held to help explain the possibility of Student Loan Interest Rates doubling if Congress does not act before July, 1, 2012.  The event was broadcasted on Fox News later that [...]

Sheldon Powdar attends the Hartford Job Corps Academy in Hartford, Connecticut. He is currently a full-time student who has completed his career technical training in the field of Insurance Finance Services.  Sheldon has served as Vice-President on the Student Government Association.  His functions were to meet with students and staff to address student concerns.  He [...]