Los Angeles Job Corps Center

My name is Melany Suner Soriano. I am a LAJC success story! I remember telling my mother about my interest in college and she said “find a good man to marry you and take care of you”!!!!  I wanted more out of life. My father past away when I was 7years old and it was [...]

I was born on Mother’s Day May 1959 and it became a curse to me. My biological parents gave me away to the foster care system and went their separate ways only to have other children. I grew up in the dark streets and one day walked into an unemployment office and saw a Job [...]

Agnes Martinez is a Vice President and Operations Manager at JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. responsible for managing the Global Trade West Coast Division. Her primary focus is managing the day to day activities associated with Global Trade particularly Letters of Credit. Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Agnes worked at HSBC as supervisor of [...]

Gabriel Taube, Computer Technology completer, was like so many of our students, gifted but lacking direction and guidance. He entered the program and initially had a hard time adjusting and found himself facing disciplinary actions. He quickly regrouped by finding a mentor on center and was soon solicited to work in the Center Director’s office [...]

On 10/27/11 four Los Angeles Job Corps Students were invited to attend the recent Los Angeles Town Hall meeting where Mayor Villaraigosa served as the keynote speaker. The topics of discussion included employment opportunities within the transportation industry and insightful future planning which will enhance job opportunities for qualified Transportation Communications Union graduates. Following the [...]

Despite family challenges and the recent loss of a parent, Crystal overcame many obstacles and made the decision to enhance her life by fulfilling her dreams of returning. She enrolled in Los Angles Job Corps where she found support and completed the Office Administration Course. These new acquired skills lead her to secure an Office [...]