Los Angeles Job Corps Center

The Los Angeles Job Corps Mental Health and Wellness Team works to promote the mental wellness and reduce the stigma of seeking support with our student population. A team of licensed clinicians and trainees work in collaboration to provide education, individual counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention and student and staff training through a trauma informed [...]

At Los Angeles Job Corps, it doesn’t matter if our students are away off center due to the pandemic, We Care. To no surprise, our center sent majority of our students who live on campus back to their homes to keep them safe. We miss having our  students on center but we know how important [...]

A few months ago, before the national pandemic, a small group of students had an opportunity to enter a new pottery studio. Throw Clay L.A is a new business that settled in right next door to the center. With the help of the center’s Business & Community Liaison, the group of students had an opportunity [...]

Tax Season

March 17th, 2020

It’s Tax Season! There’s plenty of students that have worked part time jobs and received a W-2 in the mail, but they often don’t file their taxes. Why?!!! Most students are not aware of the various tax credits available for low income individuals or for being a parent/head of household. So this year, the Business [...]

Sometimes students face challenges, but in some occasions, a department can too. Last year we had some changes in staff and our Health Occupations Trade was in dire need of a new Nursing Director. Instrumental staff are needed to ensure that our students receive what they need to be prepared for their new careers. Fortunately, [...]

Roses for Delivery

March 3rd, 2020

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all sorts of ways and this year students and staff had the opportunity to purchases roses on center. What made buying roses on center better than going to a local store was that all of the revenue generated from sales were going to support student programming on center. Ms. Lynette, our [...]

Ms. Mintlow is a Office Administration instructor that doesn’t limit her care for students to the trade or her classroom. She cares enough to seek out donations of dresses for students that didn’t have the type of wardrobe they really desired to wear to the center’s Valentine’s Dance. Since the dance was presented as a [...]

This year our center decided to send Valentine’s Day Cards to more than member of Congress, we sent multiple cards to 5 different Congressmembers. Due to the size of Los Angeles County and the number of students from different areas, there are 5 Congressional districts that many of our students come from or still live [...]

In January, we started off the year with a great meeting with Congressman Jimmy Gomez-CA-34. On a Saturday afternoon, L.A Job Corps’s Business Community Liaison took a group of students to attend a community coffee meeting hosted by Congressman Jimmy Gomez. Surprisingly, the meeting did not have a large attendance but this allowed the group [...]

This year we had fun coordinating multiple activities to provide our students with opportunities to have fun, receive treats, and have a chance at winning prizes. Every department on center was tasked with working in teams to plan a festivity that gifted our students with snacks and a fun time. Another surprise we planned for [...]