Potomac Job Corps Center

By Barrington Tolliver The Potomac Job Corps Center G-Power group/SGA  prepared a treat for students and staff. They prepared cookies, cake, and juice for students to enjoy during lunch time. All staff members joined the festivity during lunch just to catch a glimpse of Potomac pride.

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center celebrates another successful alumni from a few years ago. Tashina Thomas was a successful student on center that was involved in Transportation Communication Union while on center and also  participated in Student Government Association and the Gold Club. She also enjoyed participating in center basketball game activities as [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center students participated in the Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Career Fair. The Career Fair was a great example of what Potomac Job Corps Center prepares the next generation of leaders. The majority employers at the job fair represented the professional trades on center that job corps offers. Potomac students were prepared [...]

By Barrington Tolliver The illustration above shows Potomac Job Corps MYPACE students working with a Board of Elections official to understand voting rights, use of the voting machine, and how each individually selected person is calculated into their system.

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center Student Government Association members took time to coordinate snow cones on center for a very hot day on center. The Washington DC Metropolitan area has been dealing with a heat advisory warning. Students and staff have been informed by the center director and the news channels to drink [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center celebrated an early 4th of July Holiday event for students, staff, and instructors. The celebration was organized to help students enjoy themselves amongst peers and staff.  The celebration included buffet style food barbecued for everyone, refreshments, basketball, and music provided for those who dare to show their artistic style of dance. [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac alumni Yaa Anokye-Agyei had the opportunity to speak to students at Job Corps about her experience in Transportation Communication Union and her experience in the workforce. She is currently a Ticket Agent with Amtrak in the Customer Service Department. She started out her adventure in Job Corps with an interest in [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job corps Center hosted a Community Industry Council Meeting. The meeting consisted of people representing hard and soft trades on center. The focus of the meeting was to engage members into conversations that will allow them to provide professional opinions and critiquing of the industry strengths and weaknesses. Allowing professional leaders [...]

Potomac Job Corps Center is eager to highlight Theodore Proctor alumni of Potomac. Theodore Proctor is a 1986 graduate of Job Corps. His trade on center was Electrical. He currently lives in Ft. Washington, MD. While attending middle and high school he played sports. Sports kept him out of trouble. What led him to Job Corps was the opportunity to [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job corps Center leadership team and staff participated in an event that was truly inspirational. The community members represented at the event all were focused on safety, health, and recruitment. The Breaking Barriers event was focused on supporting change of abusive and intrusive behavior of people all across the city or [...]