Potomac Job Corps Center

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce to you Robert L Willis III. Robert has been with PJC for a few short weeks and has already hit the ground running during an admittedly complicated time. Robert was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Hampton University. After college, he was selected to serve in [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center is preparing for the next Community Relations Council Meeting to begin on Thursday May 27, 2021 at 11:30 AM. The anticipation is building up to engage in another community meeting. The meeting will give everyone in the community the opportunity to see and hear from community members, alumni/graduates, [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver The Potomac Job Corps Center Recreation Department will be celebrating World Lupus Month. The recreation team has been able to develop a month dedicated to the obstacles that some people face on a daily bases. Although, this month is highly recognized for people with Lupus, it should always be recognized or highlighted [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver The Potomac Recreation Department put together a team of staff to help students continue practicing social distancing and safety while engaged in fun. The recreation department held a evening of fun for students right outside of the recreation building. Students were able to participate in the event only if they maintained social [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center has identified another Potomac graduate making a difference in the community. Former graduate Mitch Davis has excelled outside of Potomac. His story starts at Potomac when he really needed PJCC the most. He was in the 11th grade when he experienced a few bumps along the road before [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center has been engaged in community meetings in and around the Washington DC Metropolitan area to continue strengthening commitment to our community. Potomac has begun to engage in the planning the next steps of the Business Engagement Plan. Potomac wants to make sure that Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac would like to highlight graduate D. Anderson. Before coming to Potomac the graduate graduated from high school and enrolled into college to figure his life out. What led him to Potomac was his college experience. He knew that college was maybe not for him at the moment so he left and [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver The recreation department at Potomac Job Corps has planned a month long of activities geared towards autism awareness. Autism affects a number of families across the nation. Bringing awareness to autism on behalf of the recreation departmentat Potomac will shed light on unique abilities that people have with the world. So, the [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center continue to influence the harts and minds of students every day. Although students are still practicing distance learning at home the center is looking forward to pivoting community relationships. Washington, D.C. is a diverse city with Potomac Job Corps in the center of it all. PJCC began outlining [...]

By: Barrington Tolliver The Potomac Job Corps Center graduation was on Thursday March 25, 2021 at 1:00 PM. Potomac Job Corps began the planning for graduation for several weeks. Student success was highlighted in the video with staff members and senior leadership team members in the video. Also, PJCC was honored to have in the [...]