Shriver Job Corps Center

KLER HTOO – 2017 Shriver Job Corps Valedictorian
Originally from Burma, Kler was a refugee at 12 years old completing at only a 2nd grade level. Not able to speak English Kler was challenged additionally as they placed him in the 7th grade once he settled in the United States because of his age. Due to the language barrier, Kler struggled to pass the MCAS causing him to drop out of school by Senior year. His counselor told him about Job Corps and he reluctantly applied still nervous about his English. He arrived at Shriver Job Corps, Devens, MA in January of 2016 and developed some courage to get comfortable with staff and students to help him with the language. He applied himself thoroughly to finalize his education for a High School diploma as well as chose the Cement trade for his training. After completing both his education and training, Kler was chosen as the Valedictorian for the October, 2017 graduation. In his speech he stated, “without Shriver, my life would be terrible”. After graduation, he was offered a job at a nearby company called Ideal Concrete Block. He has had a great opportunity and experience working at this company. Recently, a staff member spoke to Ideal to learn how well he has done, how respected he is and most importantly, how comfortable and happy he is!

Angelica Lopez was a guest speaker in my class on December 15th. Angelica came to TCU from the HBI trade at New Haven Job Corps in 2018. Angelica completed internships with Keolis during her time in TCU and was hired by them in the Spring of 2019 as a Passenger Assistant. Angelica tested and interviewed for Assistant Conductor in the Spring of 2020 and began working as an Assistant Conductor in Fall 2020.

Chromebooks were distributed to all students of Shriver Job Corps, Devens, MA who were in need of technical support.  Many staff members traveled as much as 2 hours to deliver some of them.  Some Chromebooks were mailed to students and some students were able to pick them up on center themselves.  A warm welcome was extended [...]

The Culinary Arts program at Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA teamed up with Hello Fresh to create food boxes that would off hands on training at home!  Each package consisted of two meals that would feed  family of four.  Chef Andrew chose the recipes included based on skills required to complete.  Students were able [...]

Hands On Training in Auto

December 18th, 2020

The Auto Instructor at Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA is shown here with his students working on a project virtually together.  Mr. Centamore stated that they worked on building a working plastic see thru model 4 cylinder engine.  The purpose of this project is so that they can get accustomed to the inner parts of [...]

Marcus Shagogue is a 2018 graduate of Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA.  He completed the Security trade and was the first student to be accepted to the advanced program in Kentucky which he graduated from in 4 months!  Presently, he is employed with the Dept. of Corrections at the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in [...]

Care Packages……Shriver students received a care package consisting many items of basic needs. This was an effort to assist students in preparing for the return to campus. Many staff members were assigned a few students to add a little note of encouragement. The actual date of return has not been determined but the training continues through the Google Classroom Program.

Shriver’s sweetheart…….

September 16th, 2020

Meet Solveig Steeman…..if you’re ever looking for someone special to admire, look no further! Solveig is Shriver’s sweetheart and she knows how to make us proud.  She is a 23 year old student originally from China moving to many other countries and lastly to the U.S. about five years ago.  She graduated from Littleton High [...]

Word was received recently from a former student of Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA.  Ruslan Angell wrote the following message to all current students: Hello Shriver Students, I am an Alumni and Valedictorian for class of 2019!  I wanted to share some insight into being a successful student at Shriver! 1. Focus on your [...]

After 3-4 months working from home for many “non-essential” staff at Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA, an ice cream social was planned in late July.  Photos were taken as gratitude was extended to all for their continued dedication and commitment to the students during this challenging time.