Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center

Whitney Young Job Corps operated under Horizons Youth Services trained Brick student, Darius Cryer, age 20, to become a top choice for a promising career. Gray Construction located in Lexington, KY was looking for construction talent that could grow into management in years down the pike. After touring the center and interviewing several students, they [...]

Whitney Young Job Corps welding graduate, Randy Jones, is a hard worker, but lacked the education he needed to secure solid employment. Prior to attending Whitney Young Job Corps Randy went to Bryan Station High School in Lexington, KY where he enjoyed US History, reading, biology and was good in math. Randy did not receive [...]

Whitney Young Job Corps cement graduate Christopher DeBerry, 20, has taken the skills and technical training he obtained to land a solid position with the Labor Union. DeBerry started at Whitney Young in March of 2018 and within 7 months completed his high school diploma and technical training in cement masonry. DeBerry also participated in [...]

Whitney Young Job Corps Welding graduate Tushawn Davis, age 19, is now enrolled in the US Army. After completing boot camp, he will be assigned to the auto pilot division flying US drones due to his high test scores. Davis who was born in the United States returned to the US to live with his [...]

Whitney Young Job Corps welding graduate, Nathan Thomas, completes the welding technical training and the Work Based Learning program. Nathan is now a welder working 2nd shift at his prior WBL site, WireCrafters. After working full-time during his WBL training, Nathan saved his resources to live independently while maintaining a full time position. Nathan enjoys [...]

Whitney Young Job Corps Welding gradate moves back home to Tampa, Florida as a welder making more money than then he ever thought. Jacob Hammond, 24, completed the welding program in less than one year and knew nothing about welding prior to his extensive training. “Look at me NOW!” said Hammond who volunteered and worked [...]

Whitney Young Job Corps brick student accepted a traveling position as a pre-apprenticeship with Black Rock Masonry that’s relocating him to Chicago, IL . Kieontae Davis completed his Brick trade in less than one year and is happy that he made the decision to come to Job Corps. While at Whitney Young Job Corps Center [...]

On October 2, approximately 25 young ladies from WMYJCC were selected to be a part of a special group called Women of Whitney (WOW). They enjoyed the special recognition and the opportunity to come together to share and support important information with each other. The 2018 Women of Whitney theme is Refined Pearls. Each young [...]

Omar Harrison has successfully completed both cement and brick trades while he attended the Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center. Harrison arrived to the WMYJCC on May 30, 2017 and departed on Monday, September 10th, to start his new fulltime positon with Hagerman on Tuesday, September 11th. Everything happen so quickly for Harrison in September, [...]

In the early morning on September 27, 2018 around 7AM, 16 WMYJCC construction students were dressed and ready to make a statement as they headed to the Frenchburg Job Corps Center with their instructors to compete in the first KY Job Corps Trade Olympics. The winner of the KY Job Corps Olympics will not only [...]