Bamberg Job Corps Center

Earth Day Every Day Week at Bamberg Job Corps Center Gears students up for Recycling and Going Green

April 19th, 2010

 The students enjoyed some needed fun with the motivational and educational activities that were scheduled for April 19th –April 23rd.  Through each activity, students learned the importance of conserving energy, and recycling.   It was truly a hit with the Monday morning assembly and the Bamberg Job Corps Mascot. 
The mascot Recycle Bin had only a few items that are recyclable which were newspaper, cardboard, and aluminum cans.  Students were informed of others items that they were not aware of that is recyclable such as cell phones, computers,  glass jars, juice bottles, refrigerators, stereos, televisions, motor oil, Asphalt / Concrete, furniture, household items, mattresses, radiators, scrap metal, tires, toilets, bath fixtures, videotapes,  and many other items.  Students didn’t realize the vast of recycling items that could be recycled. 
Thomas Williams who wore the center’s Recycle Bin mascot for a week is 80% complete with his Culinary Arts trade and has passed one part of the GED Test (General Educational Development), felt so good protruding around in the mascot.  Williams who is from Batesville, Mississippi is looking forward to completing his GED and trade.  He wants to attend Michigan State University upon his completion from the center.
The Green Initiatives which includes recycling and the organic garden is an ongoing process.  The National Job Corps Office  has incorporated Green jobs within each trade.  So, every student will have the knowledge of knowing about green jobs, and the importance of recycling.