Blue Ridge Job Corps Center

Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Jaida Ortiz

November 19th, 2021

Jaida Ortiz
Age: 23
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Region: Philadelphia
Center: Blue Ridge
Dates enrolled: 10/4/2016 – 12/13/2017
Training: Clinical Medical Assistant, EKG Technician, Phlebotomy Technician

Jaida Ortiz gets much of her work ethic from her mother. As a single parent, she worked three jobs to make ends meet. When Jaida was in high school, however, they lost their home. For the next two years, they remained homeless, and Jaida began to struggle in school. “I got to the point where I didn’t care about anything anymore,” she stated, “so I started getting into fights and all sorts of trouble.” She admits she fell into the wrong crowd, but learning about Job Corps gave her the opportunity to make a change in her life.
She chose to come to Blue Ridge because she wanted career in which she could help others, and she felt that health care would provide that. She enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program, where she got her CMA certification, as well as EKG Tech. She was also involved in community service activities such as food drives at the Atkins Food Pantry.
Since graduating from BRJC, Jaida has joined the United States Air Force, where she has become a police officer. The biggest draw for her to join the military was to continue her education by going to college. She is currently enrolled at Arizona State University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a concentration in mental health. She plans to eventually earn her PhD in Psychology and open her own mental health facility.
“Don’t spend your time looking back,” she advised. “Keep your eyes towards the future, and you will be successful.”