Blue Ridge Job Corps Center

Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Joycelyn Wroten

May 10th, 2019

Joycelyn Wroten
Age: 23
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Region: Philadelphia
Center: Blue Ridge
Dates enrolled: 5/23/2017-8/17/2018
Training: CMA, HIPAA, CPR/First Aid

Joycelyn Wroten arrived at Blue Ridge Job Corps in May of 2017, from Columbia, South Carolina. She had graduated from high school, but she wanted to further her education. She learned about Job Corps while researching programs online. When speaking about the inspiration behind her decision to enroll, she stated, “I wanted to make it out of the situation that I was in, and become a better version of myself.”
After weighing her options, Joycelyn decided to pursue a certification as a Clinical Medical Assistant. She also earned a certification in HIPAA, as well as CPR and First Aid. She was also very active in volunteering and community service, as she assisted with packing and distributing food at the Atkins Food Pantry and providing day care for children at a local church. After earning her CMA certification, Joycelyn also completed an internship at Meadowview Health Clinic, where she was able to practice the skills learned during her training.
Joycelyn is currently employed at South Carolina House Calls, where she works as a medical assistant and scheduler. Ultimately she plans to go on to college to earn her Masters of Science degree in Nursing. Her advice to current and future Job Corps students is to “stay focused on your goals, and don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing.”