Blue Ridge Job Corps Center

Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Leeyah Huggins

June 2nd, 2021

Leeyah Huggins
Age: 26
Hometown: Roanoke, VA
Region: Philadelphia
Center: Blue Ridge
Dates enrolled: 11/18/2014 – 3/26/2016
Training: Clinical Medical Assistant

Leeyah Huggins described herself as a “soft spoken kid” growing up. Leeyah’s mother worked hard to provide for the family, so much of Leeyah’s childhood was spent with her grandmother, who she was very close with.
After high school, Leeyah and a few of her friends were trying to decide what their next steps would be, and together, they all decided upon Job Corps. Leeyah was nervous about leaving home for the first time, but since and her friends were going together, she felt a bit better. Just before they were set to leave, however, Leeyah’s friends got cold feet and decided not to enroll. Leeyah seriously considered doing the same, but in the end, she gathered the courage to follow through, and she arrived at Blue Ridge Job Corps in November, 2014.
Leeyah decided to take up clinical medical assistant, where she learned how to take vital signs, prep patients for exams, and even draw blood. She volunteered on center as a recreation aide, and spent many hours off center at Valley Healthcare, assisting at the nursing home in resident activities.
Upon successfully completing the program, Leeyah moved back home to Roanoke and began working part time at the American Red Cross. While she was thankful for the job and the experience she gained, she felt that medical assistant wasn’t her best fit. As she thought back to her time volunteering at Valley Healthcare, she realized that her true calling was to work in that type of residential setting. She eventually got an opportunity to help out at Friendship Assisted Living in Roanoke, where she was able to earn her CNA license. Leeyah has now been with Friendship for four years, and she is living every minute of it. She is continuing to add certification, as she is currently working towards medication aide, all while being a mother of two.
“My advice for any current students or anyone considering attending Job Corps is to be patient and try different things until you find your best fit. I am rooting for you!”