Blue Ridge Job Corps Center

Blue Ridge Student Success – BreAnna Higgins

March 8th, 2019

Meet… BreAnna Higgins
Age: 22
Hometown: Walkerton, VA
Center: Blue Ridge
Enrollment Dates: 07/29/16 – 01/18/19
Career Area: Nurse Aide

“I left Job Corps more prepared than I ever imagined,” stated BreAnna Higgins. The recent Blue Ridge Job Corps Nurse Aide graduate is working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Hanover Health and Rehabilitation in Mechanicsville, Virginia. BreAnna plans to enroll in the Registered Nursing program this fall at her local college. “With the references, resume, and experience you receive; employers will be fortunate to hire a skillful Job Corps student,” acknowledged BreAnna.

“I came to Blue Ridge Job Corps after a very rough time in my life,” said BreAnna Higgins. “I was fresh out of high school, heart-broken for the first time, and unable to hold a job.” Searching for an avenue for BreAnna to continue her education, her mother was made aware of Job Corps. BreAnna had very little money, and the no-cost room and board, meals, and training were too good to pass up. She immediately reached out to an Outreach and Admissions Counselor in her area to begin the enrollment process. A couple of weeks later, she was on a bus headed to the small town of Marion, Virginia.

BreAnna credits the kindness of the staff as one of the primary reasons that she found success in the program. One staff member made her feel at home more than anyone else: Residential Advisor, Christine Bowman, whom the students loving called “Bobo”. “She was just the sweetest person and was always willing to help you and talk with you any time you needed her,” explained Breanna.