Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center

Carl D. Perkins collect 7,000 lbs. of trash during “Operation Clean Sweep”.

March 24th, 2014

During the week of March 10th, Carl D. Perkins Security & Protective Service Students were up early and out on the water at Jenny Wiley State Park, working along the lakeshore with their instructor Mr. Jeffory Aldrich and Park Rangers picking up anything from old tires, basketballs, baseball bats, coolers and even a hot water tank they recovered along the shoreline. The students worked thru Wednesday out on the boats until snow and colder weather halted their efforts on the water for the next two days. But the students were still able to collect over 6,500 lbs. of debris from the lake.

On Saturday March 15th, Perkins Business Community Liaison, Jimmie Slone and 14 students participated in the clean sweep, from 9:00- until Noon, Filling up 15 -40 gallon trash bags full along the roadsides and the lakes beach areas. All of the participants were treated to a barbeque after the pick up ended and left with a since of pride of making the park cleaner for all of the visitors and locals that will be coming with their family and friends to enjoy.