Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center plans several events for National Safety Month

June 30th, 2016

Carl D. Perkins attend several activities for National Safety Month.

The Perkins Safety & Security Department sponsored an Essay contest on” workplace safety”. The winning essay will win a cell phone bundle. Carl D. Perkins Security & Protective Services Class participated in a field trip to the Martin Fire Department in Martin, KY. Students received lectures and demonstrations on Fire Safety and PPE. Perkins Safety Manager John Hall a Sargent with the Martin Fire department provided the training and demonstrations for the class. Students were given the opportunity to try on fire fighter turn out gear, as well as view the various tools and equipment utilized by fire fighters.

Students also went on to learn more about the equipment, what education and training that is needed to be a fire fighter. The students will also had a front row seat to watch fire fighters in action as the fire department responded to a structure fire 200 yards from the fire station. Luckily the building was an abandoned and no one was hurt. This showed the students just how a fire can spread and get out of control in only a matter of minutes.
Perkins would like to thank the Martin Fire Department for having the Perkins SPS students visit and Mr. Hall for giving such informative information to the classes.