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November 14th, 2019

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019 Student Government Association students at Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center attended Camp Horizons leadership conference held in Harrisonburg, VA. Students were invited to step out of their comfort zones and into their challenge zones; and challenged they were. Through a rigorous agenda full of small and large group interactions including singing and dancing in front of everyone, being blind folded and led by another peer, creating commercial presentations utilizing outrageous props, climbing high ropes and zip lining. Students confronted letting their guard down, putting their trust into others they’d just met, and through numerous activities, mastering public speaking. All of these activities were designed to help students collaborate, build effective verbal and non verbal interactions, utilize critical thinking skills, problem solve, and work together as a team. It was surely not as easy as it sounds. Not only did they complete activities; students had to learn how to work together and appreciate the different skills each team member had to offer. The grand finale activity was a Power Point Presentation highlighting an improvement area on center in which they chose to implement a daily newscast on their center. Vice President Kaitlyn Lainhart stated after the conference ” I tend to stay within my close group of friends, not really opening myself up to others but thanks to Camp Horizons leadership conference, this experience encouraged me to come out of my shell and grow more as a person.” Overall the students learned a variety of leadership skills that they can apply to any workplace. Student Government attendees included President, Emma Helman; Vice President, Kaitlyn Lainhart; Secretary, Summer Cooper; Treasurer, Duncan Duderstadt; Sergeant At Arms, Espoir Banga; and Committee Chair Person, Justin Bechtel; students were accompanied by the Student Personnel Office Assistant, Jennifer Shortridge and Business Community Liaison, Tiffany Fannin.