Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps student intern receives commendation from employer

July 29th, 2020

Giovanni Perez, an office administration trainee at Carl D. Perkins Job Corps center recently received commendations from his employer while working a summer internship at St. Vincent Mission. Erin Bottomlee, Director of St. Vincent mission relayed the commendations to Perkins job corps career counselor Annie Collins, stating “The children in the neighborhood love him, when they see him working in the garden, they come over to visit.” Bottomlee adds that Giovanni is progressing well in his internship, and she appreciates his hard work ethic.
Giovanni’s humble reply to what he thought of his employer’s commendation is “ I’m thankful for the opportunity to work, and my family who supports me. “
Giovanni’s summer internship consists of assisting in the food pantry, thrift store, gardening, and small home repairs based on the needs of the community and the mission. In return he receives volunteer housing and a $200 monthly stipend. Giovanni reports that he has already earned extra pay by going above and beyond his job duties and assisting a fellow staff member with home repairs. In addition to his internship, Giovanni also participates daily in job corps distance learning through google classroom. Giovanni plans to continue to work at St. Vincent mission until he is able to return to job corps campus to complete his training.
“I’m extremely proud of Giovanni, not only for his hard work but for taking what could have been a bad circumstance and making it a positive experience. “ says Giovanni’s career counselor, Jessica Music.