Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Students Shadows at KY State Captiol

February 8th, 2019

Perkins Student Government Association (SGA) learns about state government during a visit to the KY State Capitol in Frankfort. Students had the opportunity to shadow KY State Senator Johnny Ray Turner and KY Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton. Students began their morning in the Legislative building talking with Senator Turner about his role and duties as a state senator in KY. Senator Turner discussed the counties he represents and what lead him to state government after a career as a educator and coach in Eastern, KY. Senator Turner stated that he felt he could do a lot and help Eastern KY more in his current role as a Senator. Students has the opportunity to discuss what their goals were and their role as SGA on their Job Corps Center.

The students then headed to the State Capitol where they got to spend time talking with Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton. Lt. Governor Hampton is no stranger to the Perkins Center, after visiting several times for various events over her tenure. She went on to talk about the committees she has served on and the programs that she has started across the state since she began her role in 2015. She told students to be real, and never judge people by their differences and to always be true to themselves.

Perkins would like to thank both Senator Turner and Lt. Governor Hampton for spending time in teaching students about their role in state government.