Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Students & Staff help rebuild lives and homes.

July 25th, 2014


During the week of August 21-25, the Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Construction Students and Carpentry Instructor Brandon Conley.  Worked to assist disabled veterans and their families in need. Mountain care Partnership is a Christian based organization out of Southwest Missouri that serves the Central Appalachia region of Ky. The program assist with helping and dis- abled veterans and their families in the area, with home improvement and repair projects, that otherwise would not get accomplished.

This makes the 2nd year that the students have worked with the Organization. This week they have put their skills and their caring hearts and helped 5 families regain and take pride in their homes again. Students worked in Inez, KY at Ms. Ada Cook and her family’s home. Ms. Ada stated “Your students have been a blessing”. Jeff Burkhart Program Director and Dave Goodman one of the many volunteers also said, “The students that have helped with the projects this week, have been some of the hardest working young men they have had the opportunity to work with”. Carpentry Instructor Mr. Brandon Conley also had the opportunity to work with the students and volunteers on Thursday 7/24, to give some of his expert skills to help the job stay on schedule.

All of the Volunteers will enjoy a pizza and pool party at the Paintsville City pool on Friday July 24, 2014.

Mountain care Partnership will be back in the area in October to complete more projects, and have already asked for Perkins students to assist.