Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center

Carl D. Perkins Y2Y student ambassadors have antibullying puppet show during community festival

October 27th, 2017

Perkins Y2Y student ambassadors , Princess Gentry, Jarmon Ritter, Alex Carvelk, and Frank Rivera put on anti bullying puppet show for youngsters at the Jenny Wiley Festival. Students practiced for weeks , rehearsing their scripts and making sure they were ready for the big day. The students performed their show during the Jenny Wiley Festival in the city of Prestonsburg, KY. Students storyline was Frank the fat cat was being picked on for being overweight. The bully was talked down by Frank’s friends and eventually felt bad about what he had done. Student ambassadors also read the story Bully Lama! Perkins wants to thank the city of Prestonburg for building their stage, and The Floyd County Library for the use of their puppets and books. Floyd County Homemakers for the curtains , and the Perkins Y2Y ambassadors for their hard work . Perkins puppet masters have already been asked to do a antibiullying performance for the Cub Scouts…