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After Jordyn Trowel rang the bell signifying she’d graduated from Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center, her friends immediately rushed to take photos together. Though most students do get photos with friends and instructors as they graduate, with Trowel, they were even more enthusiastic than normal. It hints at one of the qualities that Career [...]

June 23rd, 2022

Student, Dwayne Murphy, Jr. of Newark, Delaware, came to Charleston Job Corps in July 2021. Murphy completed Heating Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and has been accepted into the BullsEye Staffing Program. BullsEye has a long history in the staffing world with over three decades of varied experience. Most supervisors within the organization have previously [...]

Carlos Torre-Piris, a Charleston Job Corps student, enrolled in the program on July 27, 2021, hoping to find a career path. Carlos chose to pursue the Medical Administration trade at Charleston through the center’s partnership with Ross Medical, which he completed on May 12, 2022. Upon completion of Medical Administration, he was awarded a work-based [...]

Yesterday, June 16th, the new student body SGA had their first SGA Committee Meetings. Open forum style in the REC to familiarize our new student body and staff with all areas on Center. And foster engagement in making suggestions for improving these areas. These are Education and Training, Residential & Counseling, Recreation, Food Services, Wellness, [...]

Kaylie Nichols, a Charleston Job Corps student, came to the program with aspirations of becoming an obstetrician. At the age of thirteen, Kaylie realized the traditional educational forum in her hometown was ineffective. She discovered that the lack of teacher and peer interaction and lack of classroom materials would not provide the education required to [...]

Cleveland Clinic was in the house here at CJCC last week represented.  And the Clinic opens up the pipelines for job opportunities throughout the Clinic for our Cleveland Job Corps graduates,  as Ms. Kimberly Peavy, Program Manager, and Talent Acquisition Scout,  answers questions from interested students last week.  This mayor employer in Cleveland seeks to [...]

Trade School fun???

May 20th, 2022

Who says training cannot be fun and exciting? Well at our Cleveland Job Corps Center, our instructors make it fun! Take a look. Teaching our students safety skills that will last them a lifetime is an everyday thing here. Job Corps learning style. Priceless memories…

There are benefits to working somewhere that teaches students crafts – just ask Sabra Shields. Shields, who serves as Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center’s Property Supervisor, needed a shelf. She asked the carpentry instructor if it was possible for the students to build one. “I talked to Steven Rusch, the carpentry instructor on May [...]

Network Cabling and Facilities Maintenance students at Charleston Job Corps collaborated on a project to provide power to the storage garages behind the Career and Technical Training Buildings. Many of the TAR requirements in the electrical component of their training were covered with this project. Mr. Cameron Hanson, a facilities maintenance instructor, and Mr. Charles [...]

Mr. Lemus, says “here is a quick video that you can embed into a ppt, so you don’t need internet or you can save on your phone to show if you needed. Disclaimer: We only have 3-axis machines here on center  at our Cleveland Job Corps Center, and the video shows a 5-axis, but [...]