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RIVERTON, WY – As students settle in back home for a few unplanned Spring Break weeks, it might be easy getting comfy on the couch and lose sight of goals. The staff at Wind River Job Corps want to help students defend themselves from that lethargy with daily messages of encouragement and action strategies. Our [...]

The WRJC saw a mass exodus today as students headed home for Spring Break, as a CV-19 precaution. The event was orderly and fast-activated with just a few hours prior notice (about 12 hours from the mass departures). Every body on campus chipped in to help with notifying parents of minors, processing required admin paperwork, [...]

Sometimes students face challenges, but in some occasions, a department can too. Last year we had some changes in staff and our Health Occupations Trade was in dire need of a new Nursing Director. Instrumental staff are needed to ensure that our students receive what they need to be prepared for their new careers. Fortunately, [...]

By:  Jacob Groves Michelle Swift is well on her way to a promising career in the healthcare industry thanks to the quality job training she received at Muhlenberg Job Corps. Swift has completed the Certified Nurse Assistant program, earning the following credentials: Phlebotomy Technician, Home Health Aide, HIPPA Certification, and Basic Life Support (CPR) Certification. [...]

As a donor to Wind River Job Corps Jackets for Jobs business attire drive, Senator Enzi’s representative Jennifer Fernadez dropped by the center today. The Senator donated a jacket as well as a full suit. Tucked in the inside pocket of each is a personal letter from the Senator.   The letter states” The toughest thing [...]

The count is up to 16 stories recognizing Women in History, along with another 16 stories about the Women of WRJob Corps (see previous posts since March 3 for full story and portfolio of stories). Besides getting substantial play in the media, these stories have been presented on posters and displayed throughout the campus. While [...]

Four top student leaders at North Texas Job Corps were special guests at the Collin County NAACP Branch Annual Freedom Fund Scholarship Luncheon held  Feb. 8th at the Embassy Suites in Frisco, TX.  Attending the luncheon were Dejiah Reed, President of the Student Government Association Outreach Committee; Denise Cole, SGA vice president; Mariah Washington, SGA [...]

In honor of African American Heritage month, Training Manager Theodore Dues welcomed the Charleston, WV, Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club to Charleston Job Corps Feb. 25th. The Buffalo Soldiers shared a video presentation about the history of the Buffalo soldiers with staff and students at Charleston Job Corps Center followed by a short question and answer session. The [...]

In an emergency car crash scenario, initial key players are police officers and first responders, including firefighters and paramedics. These individuals have just minutes to respond when someone’s life hangs in the balance. But key responders following those crucial initial moments also play important roles in clearing the roadways and making them safe for motorists [...]

Wind River Job Corps continues to add to the Women in History effort (see previous post). The project started with posters that tell the story of 2 women – one from history or national acclaim, and one from the student body of Wyoming’s Job Corp. Two local media sources have since picked up on the [...]