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The North Texas Job Corps Carpentry class was the recipient on January 19th of the esteemed “2017 Habitat Outstanding Youth Group Award” for their excellent workmanship with the North Collin County Habitat for Humanity affordable home building efforts.  This partnership is a win-win for both Humana and NTJCC.  The Carpentry students, under the leadership of Instructor Charlie [...]

The YMCA-Mel Wolf Child Development Center recently received a grant to start a garden for the children at its local daycare facility. The center was able at its local daycare facility. The center was able to purchase all the materials and obtain a garden specialist for the project, but needed assistance with building the garden [...]

The Facility Maintenance (FM) Dept. at Hubbard Hospice House received much needed assistance with projects, thanks to CJCC student Mark Pollard, who is completing a work-based learning internship with the hospice organization for his facilities maintenance trade. Hubbard Hospice House, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor James Thayer stated he is impressed with Pollard’s professionalism, quality of work [...]

Being green is a way of life at the Alaska Job Corps Center, and that commitment to sustainability was recognized on Thursday when the Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling program presented Alaska Job Corps with the 2016 Outstanding Community Recycling Program award. The award was presented to Alaska Job Corps representatives at ALPAR’s annual [...]

The Charleston Job Corps Center (CJCC) operating under Horizons Youth Services (HYS) supports Equal Pay for Women Day observed April 4, 2017. The date symbolizes how far women must still go in the year to earn the same amount of money men earned in the previous year. According to the website, “Equal Pay Day [...]

The Charleston Job Corps Center (CJCC) operating under Horizons Youth Services (HYS) observed Earth Week with community beautification projects on Tuesday, April 18 at The Father’s House Church with Pastor Lloyd Hill and Friday, April 21 with Charleston Kanawha Housing Authority at South Park Village. Facilities Maintenance students were responsible for removing debris, cleaning areas, [...]

CJCC students from the career technical trade of Facilities Maintenance gave a helping hand to The Father’s House church on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 in honor of Earth Week. Pastor Lloyd Hill requested students help clear debris and prepare the outside area for flower beds. Hill is a member of the center’s Community Relations Council. [...]

Andrew Bruketta is leaving the Alaska Job Corps for a job. And it isn’t just any old job. It is a highly skilled position, with excellent benefits, leave and expected to pay well over 60,000 a year. Andrew says frankly that Job Corps is whatever you make it. “Just show up and put in the [...]

NEW ENERGY  WITH STUDENT GROUPS AT THE ALASKA JOB CORPS CENTERS The Alaska Job Corps Center Student Government Association (SGA)is revved up with a new board and a new heart.   Student government sets the standard for rest of the students at the Alaska Job  Corps Center and that standard is high.  As a part [...]

Finding simple solutions to reducing food waste can be the best. The Center decided to eliminate the use of trays in an effort to reduce food waste. When students have a tray to fill with food, they’ll do just that. And more often than not, students realize their eyes are bigger than their stomach and [...]