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Most resolutions that pass through the Kentucky General Assembly are just a page long, as State Representative Jennifer Decker tells it. But when Decker needed to enumerate the achievements of Whitney M. Young Jr. for a resolution naming a stretch of US 60 in his honor, she found that there was no way to create [...]

Charleston Job Corps’ Alumni Graduate of the month is Silas Carden. Following high school, in Linden, VA, Silas bounced from job to job in hopes of finding a career. Despite his high school credentials, he soon realized they were not enough to fulfill his dream of a rewarding career. So, he decided to enroll in [...]

Student leaders  from Flint Genesee Job Corps created a special video to thank Congressional Members serving our district for their continued support of Job Corps services,  center events involvement, and much more. Students understand how challenging congressional  jobs may be, and how fortunate it is to have valued understanding of the importance of Job Corps services for young adults.  [...]

We got the call… :)

March 23rd, 2022

When 4 students got together to participate in a Valentine’s skit to invite our Congressmen and women to join our Friends of Job Corps CAUCUS on February 14th, they were excited.  And confident that they would deliver a message that would touch our Congressmen and women’s hearts.  They believed that they would say “YES” and [...]

Councilman Michael D. Polensek,  representing Ward #8 in Cleveland,  attends Signatory Event where Mr. Ramon Serrato, from Serrato Corporation signs the Hispanic Promise on March11th, 2022.  The Hispanic Promise is the first-of-its-kind national pledge to hire, promote, retain and celebrate Hispanics in the workplace.  Launched at the the World Economic Forum in 2019, the Hispanic [...]

The Flint Genesee Job Corps held its quarterly Community Relations Council (CRC) on December 9th in which over sixty attendees participated the virtual meeting.  After updates from the Center Director and Workforce Specialist, Governor Shelton Neely gave updates of city’s events and challenges, offering motivational messages regarding the importance of the community working in partnership with [...]

Eight students from the Flint Genesee Job Corps Center created and forwarded video message to our Senate/Congress members to thank them for their continued support, wishing them a very nice holiday season.  Vice President of the Student Government Association , Kyanna Bibbs, spoke during the video on behalf of our student body, followed by a [...]

Over 50 attendees participated in the Community Relations Council (CRC) Meeting held on Thursday, June 24th.  After updates of the Centers quarterly events and progress, presenters from GST MI Works, Flint Registry, MI Department of Natural Resources/Parks and Recreation, Michigan Department of Corrections, and Catholic Charities of Shiawassee and Genesee Counties gave brief of their [...]

Charleston Job Corps held a virtual Women’s History Program to honor the many achievements of West Virginia Women both past and present with the help of Julie Palas, Interim Executive Director for the West Virginia Women’s Commission. Our speaker of the hour, Mayor, Amy Goodwin, tells of her legacy of empowering women by being the [...]

Charleston WV- The Charleston Job Corps Center announced that they will be reopening for on-center operations starting January 26. The staff has prepared a resumption plan to ensure staff and students will remain safe through the process. The students will re-enter in groups. The first group will consist of 16 students, with each group entering [...]