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Last week, SJCC Cement Masonry trainees began working on building a new Center project—a fire pit! Not only does it look great, but it will be wonderful during the cold winters. Thank you Cement Masonry!

Northeast Ohio Carpenters Apprenticeship Contest The carpentry students of the Cleveland Job Corps Center’s United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC), had a chance to showcase their talents as well as developand enhance their skills at the Northeast Ohio Carpenters Apprenticeship Contest held Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Cleveland Job Corps Instructors David Lummus, and Daniel Volpe, accompanied [...]

With an eight-month-old son to care for, twenty-year-old Senita Davidson was tired of working at McDonalds and barely making ends meet. After viewing a Job Corps commercial, Ms. Davidson decided Job Corps was the opportunity she needed toget her high school diploma and training, so she could move forward in a career and making a [...]

The Charleston Job Corps center held its fourth annual Student Mother’s Day Celebration on May 5 to inspire the student mothers to complete their academic and career technical training to become self-sufficient and provide for their families. The event speaker, Camilla Neal, records supervisor, emphasized the importance of using time wisely and making wise decisions [...]

The Old Skool Social was an event sponsored by the Student Government Association to promote student and staff engagement while taking a trip down memory lane through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The event was held directly after a cookout style lunch served by the engagement committee and direct reports staff. Students and staff played [...]

Pharmacy Technician students practice the skills they learn in class on staff “patients.”

To honor veteranss on Memorial Day, on Monday 29, 2017 the rec sponsored a trip downtown to the Memorial Day Parade.  Mr. Jones and Mr. Arnold chaperoned students on their visit to the World War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial.  Students also enjoyed floats and marching bands honoring veterans for Memorial Day. Students enjoyed the opportunity to visit National Landmarks and [...]

Student Rubar Kareemi demonstrates how PIVOT Job Corps Center can move careers forward.

On Friday, May 19th Potomac Job Corps Center held a luncheon to celebrate Faculty Appreciation Day.  The staff celebrated included teachers, instructors, and counselors.  Center Director Vazeen and Deputy Director Lesko expressed appreciation for the great work the faculty does educating Potomac’s students and preparing them for the rest of their lives.  Ms. Vazeen began [...]

Mother’s Day Event
The Muhlenberg Y2Y/SAVE Club went off center to Diversicare of Greenville. Diversicare is a Healthcare and Rehabilitation Elderly care Center. The Y2Y/SAVE Club students wanted to do something special on Mother’s Day. 4 Y2Y Ambassadors and 2 SGA Members, were invited to attend the Ladies Tea on Friday May 12th, 2017.
The students showed up with bouquet’s of Flowers and hand made cards for the wonderful lady residents of Diversicare. Each lady received a bouquet of Flowers as they entered the room, along with a card. The students spent time talking and sharing the day with ladies.
It was a wonderful experience for the Students as well as the Residents! The students were invited to come visit any time they wanted to.