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The Potomac Job Corps Center in Washington DC experienced inclement weather during the week. Although the weather was inclement the campus academic instruction and activities continued. The snow on center displayed the beautiful landscaping that students and staff experience everyday.

On Saturday October 13th, 16 students attended a Fortnite themed event hosted by Dartside Indoor Dart Arena at the area Mall. Students were able to participate in games for small prizes, shop with local vendors, meet with representatives from Weber State University (one even set up a follow-up interview for after completion), hold animals from [...]

The Potomac Job Corps Center in Washington D.C. welcomed a community partner to visit the site and experience the academic and trade life of a Potomac Job Corps student. The staff and community partner enjoyed candid dialogue about what it takes to become academically proficient and to become a future employed student. Mr. Salmon (Center Director) at Potomac Job [...]

It is “Flu” Time Again!! Why Get Vaccinated? Influenza, better known as the “flu” is a contagious viral disease that comes around every year, usually between October and the latest month being May. It is spread mainly by coughing, sneezing and close contact with an infected person. It can happen suddenly and can last up [...]

Fiona Erskine Age: 21 Hometown: Charlottesville, VA Region: Philadelphia Center: Blue Ridge Enrollment: 7/14/2015 – 6/22/2018 Certifications: Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, Patient Care Technician, Medical Administrative Assistant, Electronic Health Records Specialist, and CPR Fiona Erskine had a rough time through her senior year of high school in her hometown of Charlottesville, VA. [...]

The Potomac Job Corps Center Leadership team attended a Design Lab training in the beautiful Washington DC region. The training included a creative experience with employer and association partners, digging deep into the maintenance technician talent challenge and work experience to understand and design effective solutions to support the men and women at Potomac Job [...]

The illustration above shows the Potomac Job Corps Center students exercising their right to vote and let their voices be heard in the Washington DC general election. All students on campus were encouraged. Students were also encouraged to vote filling-out an absentee ballot in their state of residence if they’re a resident of another city [...]

Muhlenberg Job Corps Graduate Katlyn Rex ignored and defied all gender stereotypes when she chose to pursue welding as a career training option and enter into the field, not only as a welder, but as a highly skilled professional who stands out among her peers in the world of heavy industry skills. Rex a local [...]

Potomac Job Corps Center is celebrating National Breast Cancer Month and the lives of Breast Cancer survivors. A meeting with students and staff  was structured to inform everyone about the myths and facts of breast cancer. Dr. Nolte, Potomac Job Corps Center Doctor spoke to everyone about  understanding that breast cancer is a disease in which cells [...]