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Before the sun came up on May 17, 2019, a group of Blue Ridge Job Corps students were already on their way to making a difference in the community. The group of nine students, along with Business Community Liaison Jordan Loupe arrived at the Mountain Empire Airport in Rural Retreat, VA at 5:00 a.m. to [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center cement students featured in this picture are working on the beautification of the center. Preparation to the cement on the center sidewalks was in need of review and revising. The cement instructor put a plan together help support safety, training, and learning. The campus sidewalk began to shows signs or structure [...]

By Barrington Tolliver The Plumbing trade students manage to put together with the guidance of their instructor a waterfall and small pond for the beautification of the center. student worked diligently on  building a pond that wouldn’t be too intrusive on campus but moderately created to further promote the importance of students and working together to [...]

Ashley Peele received her pin for completing Medical Assistance at WV Junior College. Ashely completed CNA before attending WV Junior College to further her education. Ashley says she really underestimated herself and her abilities prior to enrolling in the job corps and is now very proud of her accomplishments. While in attendance of the pinning [...]

Joycelyn Wroten Age: 23 Hometown: Columbia, SC Region: Philadelphia Center: Blue Ridge Dates enrolled: 5/23/2017-8/17/2018 Training: CMA, HIPAA, CPR/First Aid Joycelyn Wroten arrived at Blue Ridge Job Corps in May of 2017, from Columbia, South Carolina. She had graduated from high school, but she wanted to further her education. She learned about Job Corps while [...]

By Barrington Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center Office Administration students were able to present to a group of judges appropriate dress attire for the workforce. Three groups were assigned and instructed to research their topic to engage in a competitive competition between classmates. Each group celebrated their article with a PowerPoint Presentation to present to [...]

Aaliyah Bland Age: 21 Hometown: Fort Lee, VA Region: Philadelphia Center: Blue Ridge Dates enrolled: 9/5/2017- 3/15/2019 Training: CNA, CPR/First Aid, ServSafe Aaliyah Bland came to Blue Ridge Job Corps from Fort Lee, VA, but she spent the majority of her childhood and adolescence in the state of Hawaii, where she graduated from James Campbell [...]

Potomac Job Corps Center

May 3rd, 2019

By B. Tolliver Potomac Job Corps Center set-up a table at a local High School to increase the knowledge and recruitment of Potomac Job Corps Center. In the picture above from left to right are Sarah Morgan (Job Developer), Porche Baxter (Admissions Counselor), and Barbara Pariss (Admissions Counselor) all participated in the high school career event.

By Barrington Tolliver In the picture above Potomac job Corps Center Wellness Manager, Adensanya Olajumoke explained to staff members the importance of safety for students and staff. Explaining to staff the importance of having a First Aid Kit ready and accessible everyday to support safety and compliance was the main idea. In order to keep Potomac Job Corps safe [...]

Meet… Aniquiana Kurtz Age: 22 Hometown: Flint, Michigan Center: Cleveland Job Corps Enrollment Dates: October 09, 2017 – August 17, 2018 Career Area: Pharmacy Technician Employer: Walgreens Position: Pharmacy Technician   “I am becoming the woman I have always wanted to become, and it is a truly amazing feeling,” stated Aniquiana Kurtz. “I came, I [...]