Charleston Job Corps Center

Champagne Hill – Student Success Story 2012

October 31st, 2012

Champagne Hill – 22 years old from Manassas VA attends the Charleston Job Corps Center, Charleston WV under the operator Horizons Youth Services. She arrived in June 2011 with her High School Diploma and completed the Office Administration Trade. Miss Hill has been accepted to the TCU Program at Shriver Job Corps Center in Devens MA for advanced training in the Airline Industry Program and will be transferring on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. After completing advanced training, she plans to work in the airline industry as a data entry clerk for a major airline. Mrs. Tia Welch, Business Community Liaison and Ladies of Excellence Club Facilitator noted that “Champagne is a very ambitious and determined young lady” and “she has faithfully served as a member and president of the student civic and professional club “Ladies of Excellence” for which female students must have high level reading and math scores and staff recommendations.” She has served as recreational leader, helps out in the dorms and attends the after school program to volunteer at the East End Family Resource Center where staff praise her service. Miss Hill has participated in several events such as Women’s Equality Day at the State Capitol, Annual Breast Cancer Walk and Pink Ribbon Events, Center Outreach Fairs, Early Voting, and Community Health Fairs. When asked if there was someone or something that made a significant difference in her training at the center she mentioned Ms. Bailey, Residential Advisor and Ms. Markita Miller. She stated, “Ms. Bailey has been my go to mom” and “Ms. Miller has taught me patience is a virtue.” She noted that Work Based Learning has inspired her to take her classes and training seriously and make it happen. Her words of wisdom to other students interested or attending Job Corps are “get on phase and stay away from drama.” She stated, “don’t let someone take you away from what you traveled so far to get too.” CJCC Salutes Champagne Hill!