Charleston Job Corps Center

Charleston Job Corps Center held it’s final Community Relation Committee Meeting

December 10th, 2018

Charleston Job Corps Center held it’s final Community Relation Committee meeting on Thursday, November 29, for the year of 2018 at the Charleston Job Corps Center. Several members, honorees, guests and staff were on hand to receive updates on center operations under the direction of Business Community Liaison Nancy Shepherd.
During the meeting, Center Director, Angela Rackley, outlined the mission of Charleston Job Corps, which includes “ensuring that each student who chooses to attend Charleston Job Corps Center is set up for optimal success. This is accomplished by contacting, welcoming and preparing students for center life before their arrival to center.” That support continues after students arrive as they choose a career pathway that aligns with their life and career aspirations Rackley said. Pathways can include:
1. employment, college,
2. advanced training or enlistment in the
3. military.
Rackley told CRC members that once a student chooses a pathway, staff work closely with that student to ensure that he or she completes all requirements for program completion.
“Careers begin here, and we want to ensure the students have a quality start,” Rackley said. She noted recent indicators of the center’s success, including: Increased on-board strength to 307 students;
Continued improvement in student satisfaction;
Increased direct job placement opportunities for students; and
Clear, defined and attainable pathways.

Immediately following introductions, all attendees participated in an activity to assist in creating a strong network of support from CRC members and a framework for the council to assist in center and student success. Members were asked three questions:
1. What can we do to support you?
2. What can you do to support us (the center)?
3. Who else should we reach out to assist us in accomplishing the visions/mission of the center?
Their responses will be disseminated to all CRC members and will be used to create stronger community partnerships to ensure the success of CJCC students, the center, the community and the Job Corps program.
Charleston Job Corps is dedicated to building strong community relationships with our partners, both old and new.
Charleston City Council Member Jennifer Pharr attends CRC