Charleston Job Corps Center

Charleston Job Corps Center’s National Day of Service

January 22nd, 2019

For the National Day of Service, Charleston Job Corps Center students volunteered to clean the Paul Laurence Dunbar Second Avenue Neighborhood Center. Upon arrival, we were able to tour the building, and receive a little of its history. Originally, the building was Paul Lawrence Dunbar Elementary School, which was for African-American students during the segregation era.

After touring students went straight to work completely removing everything from the kitchen area. They cleaned and whipped shelves, counters, appliances, and swept and mopped floors. While the floor was drying, students merely moved to the next room to complete the same process in the main room and storage office. Once the kitchen floor was completely dry, the students rearranged the kitchen to allow a more open concept and were able to make the kitchen space more accessible. The Center’s Director, Teresa Brown-Johnson, was so elated that Charleston Job Corp Center chose her location to complete their community service, that she prepared a small feast to show her appreciation.

“The Center”, as it is fondly called by the community, is currently under renovation while pending a grant from the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. Charleston Urban Renewal Authority board members decided to apply for a $50,000 Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation grant for the 2nd Avenue Community Center, If approved, the funding would receive a $50,000 match from the authority. The full project would include an architectural assessment of the building and tangible upgrades that could include new windows, fencing and landscaping, authority Director Jim Edwards said. “This is a priority to change the impression of the area,” he said.
Kitchen after Charleston Job Corps Cleaning