Clearfield Job Corps Center

CJCC Students Teach Skills to Cub Scouts

March 13th, 2018

Student Leadership and Y2Y representatives from Clearfield Job Corps Center (CJCC) helped community youth learn at a Cub Scouts winter day camp! The students spent an entire Saturday teaching 6-11 year-old Cub Scouts how to use compasses, make instruments, dig for dinosaur bones, make movies, and explore art. The students had a great time and enjoyed giving back to the community. Student Tim Hollander said, “I love helping these little dudes. I’m so glad they invited us.” The experience also benefited the center’s reputation, as the event organizers were extremely impressed by our students and raved about them. “This event helped us show just how great our students are and they got to share what they know through teaching skills to other youth,” CJCC staff member Alison Barlow said.

The students look forward to upcoming events where they can pass on their knowledge to children in the community!