Clearfield Job Corps Center

Clearfield Success Story – Henry Alexander

June 27th, 2018

Henry Alexander and his daughter

Before coming to Clearfield Job Corps Center in 1994, Henry Alexander was working in construction with his stepfather. Job Corps was his chance to succeed and provided the hands-on education he needed to gain a career.  During his time at CJCC, Henry completed the UAW advanced automotive program. The center provided him with ample recreation and leadership opportunities and he played intramural soccer and was the shop foreman in his trade. After graduating from the program, Henry began his career.  Because of the training he received at Clearfield Job Corps Center, he was able to buy a house at 23 years old. He worked with England Trucking for 22 years and has now worked for Saia Trucking since 2016.  Job Corps gave Henry the skills and knowledge he needed to be successful in the trade of his choice. He was only 17 when he started Job Corps and learned how to be an independent, adult while he was here.

Henry said, “Clearfield Job Corps gave me the ability to do what I love – working with my hands! I have been able to take what I’ve learned there and use it to provide a good life for myself and my family.”