Clearfield Job Corps Center

Cool Speak talks real to Clearfield students

October 31st, 2013

Ernesto Mejia, Vice President and CSO of CoolSpeak, addressed our entire student population at a student business meeting October 30. He emphasized motivation as being an essential part of student suc- cess. He also attended graduation and spoke to our graduates encour- aging them to keep moving forward no matter their circumstances. Ernesto inspires thousands of students to believe in themselves, dream big, and appreciate their family. He also provided professional development training to all staff members. His presentation focused on ways to create a positive learning environment and achieve high student performance by keeping students inspired, involved and engaged.

CoolSpeak strives to provide inspiration so that learning can take place allowing each and every student, parent and teacher to achieve their full- est potential. Topics include: youth motivation, leadership development, drug and alcohol pre- vention, gangs, violence, decision making, sexual abstinence, diversity, youth entrepreneurship, goal setting, self-esteem, body image, communi- cation skills and overcoming obstacles. Cool- Speak is committed to making a difference in the lives of the youth in America and living a legacy of change and hope.