Clearfield Job Corps Center

Fun Nite Out for Clearfield Job Corps Students!!

November 14th, 2018

On Saturday October 13th, 16 students attended a Fortnite themed event hosted by Dartside Indoor Dart Arena at the area Mall. Students were able to participate in games for small prizes, shop with local vendors, meet with representatives from Weber State University (one even set up a follow-up interview for after completion), hold animals from the SeaQuest aquarium, and build and race Lego cars while waiting for the main event to start. There was a live DJ who had music going all morning, and Ms. Davis County even showed up and hopped in our group photos. All in all there were about half a dozen different Nerf gun battles. Students were able to use guns generously provided by Dartside for these battles, which ranged from close combat, to all out brawl. There were an estimated 150+ in attendance and students had a blast. Between rounds, local dance teams taught how to do “emote dances” from in the game. Overall everyone who participated said they very much enjoyed the event and would participate again in the future.