Cleveland Job Corps Center

CJCC Students cut ribbon at the EC Grows Community Garden, with opportunity for outreach and networking.

June 21st, 2022

Demetrious Patterson, CNA and Shantell Steeds, NA students,   were so excited to be able to participate in the “ribbon cutting” of the “new container” at the EC Grows Community Garden this weekend, on Saturday, June, 18th, 2022. They had the opportunity to also be “asked about Job Corps” by other gardeners participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony.   As well as speaking to a grandmother working her garden with her grandson, who is only 14, yet grandma is thinking already, about referring him to our CJCC.  Participating in the community gardens our students have an awesome opportunity for exposure to outreach.  They wear their “ask me about Job Corps” tee shirt and it works as a segue into meaningful conversation for them to tell their story and how they chose Job Corps., and what Job Corps is doing for them.   They are like “walking-talking billboards” for outreach when out in the community.

Also, as part of our community engagement this weekend at the gardens,   they also had the opportunity to do some “networking” by strolling through the adjacent to the gardens, Farmers Market.  Stopping to do some “wishful shopping” they engaged in conversation with the local merchants.  Making meaningful contacts of interest to them.  They received tea and tea bags plus cupcakes from donors that give to encourage youth participation at the market.

Then, to top it off, in order for our non vaccinated students who want to participate to participate, we negotiated, bringing in the gardens “water barrels” to be painted by our student artist on Center.  This is an exciting community service engagement that in brainstorming, we came up with the idea, to make it happen.  We will be transporting a “water barrel” on Center each week for student artist on board to paint, then take it back and bring in another one.  And so forth increase student participation on and off Center.  Students will receive PIR’s as incentive and their art will be displayed at the gardens for the community of gardeners and garden visitors to enjoy.  Representing all that our students are capable of doing, when given the opportunity to do so.  Those that can go off Center, will be painting the newly acquired “container” on grounds.  Stay tuned from more news from our EC Grows Community Garden participation and engagement adventures.