Cleveland Job Corps Center

Cleveland Job Corps Celebrates Safe and Sound Week

September 10th, 2018

Job Corps Centers across the nation joined several organizations as they showed their commitment to safety during “Safe + Sound Week!” During the week of August 13-19, 2018, the Center held various ac-tivities to raise awareness about workplace safety.
Every day in the “Bulldog Bites” circular, the Center issues the safety quote of the day.
On Tuesday, August 14th, Safety Officer, Melonie Harrell and the management team conducted 5-minute safety talks with trade students. Later that day, students Rayshawnda Wray (bricklayer), Robert Wallace (facility maintenance), Maria McGourtru (medical office support), Janet Gamble, (clinical medical assis-tant), David Brindley (carpentry), accompanied by Ms. Harrell Safety Officer attended a Community Town Hall “A Black Agenda”. The students participated in a roundtable discussion titled, “How Safe Are You in School?”
On Wednesday, August 15th, the Center hosted Guest Speaker, Ron Kruchan from the Bureau of Workers Compensation. Mr. Kruchan spoke to students in the construction trades and medical office support clas-ses.
And on Thursday, August 16th, medical and construction trade students wrapped up the week with a safe-ty fair. They showcased their skills and educated participants on safety practices and workplace hazards during the 3rd (10:15 am) and 7th (2:30 pm) periods.
The top priority at the Cleveland Job Corps Center is “Safety.” They would like to thank everyone who worked diligently to make the event a big success.