Cleveland Job Corps Center

Cleveland Job Corps SGA 2022 “Phenomenal”TEAM

March 31st, 2022

…when a group of “future leaders of our tomorrows”, gets up and performs as our Cleveland (SGA) Student Government Executive Board performed today, it deserves a “standing ovation”.  We had a Virtual Assembly today.  Spearheaded by our awesome Center Director, Ms. Cathy Williams.  Where our newly elected SGA  made a phenomenal presentation to our Student Body and Staff.  “Impressive” is an under statement.  They had a well written “slide” presentation with bullet points and all.  On point with goals and objectives for “making sure our student body has a great place to call home away from home, on Center and Dorms.  While they pursue the Career of their choice.  Now, give it up for our Student Government Executive Board who outdid themselves today.  Vivian Kelly, President.  Akyia Randall, Vie-President.  Dazhun McNary, Treasurer.  Je’ciah Cobb, Sargent at Arms.  And last, yet not the least, Cynquana James, Diversity Officer.