Cleveland Job Corps Center

Cleveland Job Corps Student Success

November 6th, 2017

Name: Carlido Smith
Age: 20
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Center: Cleveland Region: Chicago
Job Corps Dates: 1/19/16 – 2/7/17
Trade: Sign and Display
Employer: AmeriCorps
Position: Corps Member
Understanding that her son was not living up to his full potential, Carlido Smith’s mother suggested he attend the Cleveland Job Corps Center. She encouraged her son to take ownership of his future. Carlido knowing his mother would never steer him wrong, took her advice and enrolled in Job Corps. He began a new chapter in his life, and a new year at Cleveland Job Corps on January 19, 2016.
While at Job Corps, Carlido earned his high school diploma from Penn Foster. He received NCCER Core Curriculum, and obtained his IUPAT Pre-Apprentice Certificate, OSHA 10, and HILTI Powder Actuated Tools certifications. Carlido developed a strong relationship with his Career Technical Training Instructor, Bruce Smeznik, who helped him through some issues and encouraged him to stay on track to complete his goals. “My advice to new students, hang around positive, sup-portive people who will keep you focused on your goals.”
After completing Cleveland Job Corps, Carlido was accepted to the Ameri-Corps NCCC and left for Baltimore, Maryland in February of 2017. Carlido is working in Houston, Texas providing disaster relief in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey. His AmeriCorps assignment will be over next month, and he plans to begin working in construction; particularly, in signs and bill-boards. “I recommend Job Corps to anyone who is searching for career op-tions,” said Carlido.