Cleveland Job Corps Center

CNC in the Spotlight on Center…Mfging visitors impressed.

June 21st, 2022

On June 9th, 2022, we had special visitors join us for a CNC Machine- Open House.  A “to go lunch”  was on us, with a tour of Center grounds, after a “show & tell” gathering in our CNC Shop was facilitated by our CNC instructor Mr. Carlos Lemus.  We opened up our Center to manufacturing companies represented as well as stake holders interested in what our Cleveland Job Corps Center has to offer following the long hiatus stemming from COVID -19 restrictions as we” Re-Open” and are ready for business as usual.  The invite was for everyone to come out and see our newest trade offering.  CNC Machining, as we prepare to register with the state for pre-apprenticeship programming.  15 were in attendance, representing companies in our vicinity and beyond, with whom we shared our program;  rekindling our business relationships prior to COVID and or initiating to build new business relationships with companies represented.  Recognizing the need to upskill our workforce that will ignite a new era for manufacturing, we are committed to join forces and bring about new energy offering in demand careers strategically that will benefit our students/trainees and our community in the long run.  Be on the look out for updates on initiative as we can now execute as restrictions are removed and we can open up full force without restrictions in the very near future.