Cleveland Job Corps Center

…imagine the possibilities-by alumni influencers “on board” #2 @ Cleveland Job Corps Center (CJCC)

June 15th, 2022

…imagine the possibilities continues to influence our new student body here at CJCC as we bring aboard our alumni to inspire and encourage SUCCESS amongst our students.  Starting off with a reminder that our soft skills are highly sought after by potential employers, we must continue to learn them and sharpen them.  First soft skill and most important is the skill “to listen”.  Because life never stops teaching. “So we have to keep on learning and never stop listening to those that have walked a million miles and beyond, in the shoes that our new student body now walks in, now”.   A reminder that resonates here at our CJCC daily.   With that being said and established, our 2nd alumni on this newly initiated, initiative,  was presented.  Ms. Shakira Wilson.  A graduate of 18 years with a certificate in STNA, she  went from being a high school drop out to being a founder of her own Patient -Care Staffing Agency.  Working on establishing a Residential Treatment Home and owning a family Baking Business,  she reminisces and shares her story of success with our students.  Going from credentials she shared  by  manifesting them into existence.  From  obtaining her GED and STNA here at CJCC, to  LPN, to RN  and CCM, and currently enrolled in a Nurse Practitioner program.  Founder of her own companies. She left our student body with the following thoughts that helped her and continues to help her – SUCCEED.

She asked our students to ask themselves the following three (3) questions daily as they journey their pathway here at CJCC as she did back when, and most importantly, to follow the process established before them to SUCCEED. :

Ms. Wilson encouraged students to ask themselves daily #1.  What is going well for me?  #2.  What can I do better?  As I hold myself accountable for all that I do. And #3.  What can I do more of?  And when I do more, I must  continue to follow the process.  I must manifest what I desire to do;  into existence. I must  visualize my success and work hard on it every day.  Every free hour I have.  With no time wasted.  I must stay focused and believe in all the possibilities in the areas of my interest. This is what she does, she is quick to say,  to this day and will continue to do so, in her own continued journey of SUCCESS.

Ms. Wilson shared her desire to hire, retain and promote our students in the Medical field as her business grows, her” staff have ample opportunity of growing with it”.  She elaborated.  She was very transparent and  students had many excellent questions that she answered candidly.  Providing information for follow up for students in the Medical field to further explore.  As well as an opportunity to earn referral bonuses by referring anyone they know, in the Medical field, to her agency.  And get compensated if their referral works for her agency.    Encouraging all to …imagine the possibilities and believe in themselves.  That they too, one day will succeed.   ”It is not easy”.  “It is indeed hard work and determination”.  “Requires Discipline”.  “But, it is Possible”. she stated.  “Just believe and imagine the possibilities” she concluded.  As we ran out of time.  Stay tuned for next months alumni influencer on board here at our Cleveland Job Corps Center.  Where “failure is not an option”.