Cleveland Job Corps Center

Passing on the “torch” Positive Affirmation Friendship Wall

January 25th, 2022

The Power of “Positive” at Cleveland Job Corps Center continues…
Your mind believes what you tell it.  So always tell it positive things. This thought inspired our Friendship Wall in one of our Dormitories  here, at our Cleveland Job Corps Center, back when COVID 19 showed up. Most students went back home and connected virtually on their program.  While 16 students remained on Center with no idea at the time, they would be here on Center, for over a year and a half later without ever leaving Center.  Staff had to find a way of helping our students to maintain a “sound mind and  a positive attitude” as we were about to cross over a path uncharted thru the onset of this COVID 19 Pandemic in the beginning of 2020.  Fast forward to when we were able to open our Center back up again and  all other students returned.  They were received with a welcoming Friendship Wall and it became a reminder of “never to forget how far we all had come”.  Remembering all the times we all pushed on; even when we all felt we couldn’t.  With so many CDC restrictions.  Worse every day.  Masks…Social Distance…Sanitizing…no fraternizing,  no leaving Center, etc.  This wall helped students every day, no matter how hard it was.  To not give up.  Fighting through another day.  Gaining strength from all the Positive Affirmations along the way.  The wall which is  now completely covered with positive affirmations, will soon be “immortalized” as a constant reminder of our struggles and overcoming them.  As we are getting ready to receive yet more students on Center, we pass the “torch” over to Ms. Veronica Brazil, a  Residential Counselor, who graciously has accepted the challenge, by student popular demand to replicate our 2nd Friendship Wall in another Dormitory.  All 16 students that embraced our Friendship Wall have since completed, graduated and moved on to independent living outside our Center.  They pioneered this project and SUCCEEDED. Proving  their resiliency and “bounce back” capabilities by telling their mind positive things and writing them on our wall for others to benefit from positivity.  Today,  our Cleveland Job Corps Center is on the move and accepting applications for enrollment.  If you or someone you know is  looking for a better quality of life and willing to dedicate yourself or themselves  to our life changing program, Cleveland Job Corps Center is the place for you!  Careers begin here. “Your only limit is your mind”. N. Ferguson