Cleveland Job Corps Center

SGA’s new student body on the roll…

June 17th, 2022

Yesterday, June 16th, the new student body SGA had their first SGA Committee Meetings. Open forum style in the REC to familiarize our new student body and staff with all areas on Center. And foster engagement in making suggestions for improving these areas. These are Education and Training, Residential & Counseling, Recreation, Food Services, Wellness, Safety/Security and Diversity. Students and new staff had an opportunity to meet and greet. Our Business Community Liaison represents Diversity. And is reaching out to students and staff to join our Spanish Club “Esperanza”. Which focuses on Providing HOPE for a better future today. With engagement into Cultural Diversity. Equality and Inclusion through activities on and off Center. That fosters awareness towards cultural diversity. Supporting the idea that every individual here represented, at our Cleveland Job Corps Center has a unique and positive contribution to make in our society and here at our Center.