Columbia Basin Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center

Columbia Basin Job Corps CCC improve conditions for USDA-Forest Service fire fighters

September 30th, 2010

The Facility Maintenance Students traveled to Lake Wenatchee to repair housing owned by the USDA-Forest Service.  The houses overlook the lake and are used to house fire crews working or traveling through the area.

After long days of fighting fires the crews appreciate a hot shower. 

The shower stalls had been heavily used and had extensive water damage.

The Columbia Basin JCCCC Facility Maintenance students demolished all of the damaged wood and drywall.  They cleaned the showers thoroughly, rebuilt the step into the stalls and then the shower was caulked to prevent future water damage.

While the crews were working in the houses they also repaired thresholds, thermostats and smoke detectors.  This work greatly increased the quality of the facility for our hardworking fire crews.

Over 500 hours of on the job training were gained by the students completing the project.