Edison Job Corps Center

Community Blood Drive

August 24th, 2018

The Edison Job Corps Academy students provided the largest donation yet to urgent care clinics and hospitals in the area. Building on the legacy of our center’s rich history, the students provided their time to help changes and transform the life of a person in need. Overall, the students contributed to helping 170 people in the nearby area get the resources needed to maintain their health. Students and staff worked together for a good cause of donating Blood. Students provided their time to give someone else another chance of life. This community service project provided leadership opportunities and promoted teamwork amongst the students. In addition the Certified Medical Assistant students worked alongside phlebotomy professionals to assist and provide patient care to trainees and staff. 4 Certified Medical Assistants and 1 Auto student were interviewed on camera for the Community Blood Bank website. This provided a prime opportunity to market their skills, craft and leadership ability and showcase the wonderful talent we have at the Edison Job Corps Academy