Edison Job Corps Center

Edison Job Corps Academy- Student Success

June 29th, 2018

Alston Cambridge struggled in high school before attending the Job Corps Academy.  He was led to Job Corps from his family member due to the free educational training he could receive from the program. Alston studied Carpentry at the Edison Job Corps Academy.  He worked in Student Government and participated in leadership training with staff.

Alston currently works for Tradesman International as a carpenter. He plans to pursue a career as NYPD Police officer in the future.

The Edison Job Corps Academy prepared Alston for his career by understanding interviewing skills and dressing for success. Alston’s instructors motivated and pushed him to accomplish projects accurately.

Due to Alston’s training he has a new apartment and 2 cars, he is saving his money to buy a house one day. Through the Job Corps program Alston has learned to be disciplined with his finances and career.