Finch-Henry Job Corps Center

Shine the Spotlight for SE William Warrington

June 14th, 2022

Finch Henry Job Corps would like to recognize and commend SE William Warrington on enlisting into the US Army! William was a great student and was admired by his instructors and other staff for being a model student. On 06/08/22 – 06/09/22, William attended Memphis MEPS in Memphis, TN to begin his enlistment into the US Army. William is a native of Tupelo, MS and is looking forward to his journey with the US Army after completing his trade in painting here at Finch Henry Job Corps. Alongside William, US Army Recruiter, Srgt. Harvey McCuiston, attended and reported that William achieved a score of 60 on the ASVAB and left a great impression with the US Army recruiter staff and officials in Memphis. Srgt. McCuiston comment:“ William has the potential to become an Officer after basic training due to his high score on the ASVAB. I’m pushing to make that happen! He’s a great and smart kid! We need more like him!”. William is expecting to report to Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in Missouri on 07/19/22. Congrats and best of luck to you William on your new endeavor!