Flint Hills Job Corps Center

Flint Hills Job Corps Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

April 29th, 2011

Recently the Flint Hills Job Corps celebrated Earth Day Every Day with a celebration on Center in recognition of the “greenest” day of the year.

Although the day started like any normal training day the emphasis quickly shifted to a much ‘greener” mentality. Midway through the morning teams comprised of students and staff members assembed to begin a clean-up of Center and to assess potential green projects around campus. After the Center clean-up had been completed all participants enjoyed a bbq lunch that was prepared by the Center’s culinary staff.

Following the luncheon, festivities moved to the gymnasium for an awards assembly followed by dorm vs. dorm competitions. Dorms competed for prizes and pizza parties but ultimately the students all won with their newly gleened knowledge of the importance of taking care of the planet.

Final tallies show that over 220 students and staff members participated in the Earth Day Every Day Event held at Flint Hills. Counseling Manager Melissa Graf had this to say, “students really had a great time with what was going on here and they learned alot in regards to the planet and how to better take care of it.”