Gainesville Job Corps Center

GJCC Students Continue to Make a Difference in the Community!

September 30th, 2011

As long as the Gainesville Job Corps Center exists, the community doesn’t have to worry about support. Students and staff are committed to meeting the needs of the community. Last month, the Carpentry students got a chance to put their skills to use. Several of the students built two platform stages and donated one to a local church and the other went to the public library.

A few weeks earlier on August 9, 2011, dozens of students stood in line to donate blood. Whenever Lifesouth is low on a particular blood type, GJCC students come running to give. Last year, GJCC was the #1 donor amongst schools and education and training facilities within Alachua County.

Already, GJCC students are preparing to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and another blood drive slated for mid October.

GJCC is always looking for ways to make a difference within its’ community!