Gary Job Corps Center

Overhead Lineman at Gary Job Corps

January 31st, 2012

Gary Job Corps In-Service Training
Gary Job Corps students in the Overhead Linesman vocation are currently replacing power poles throughout the 800 acre campus.  The Advanced Overhead Linesman Trade which is currently offered at the Gary Job Corps Center is now in its 4th. Class. This new trade has become a hugh success from it start in February of 2011. This high demand field will be experiencing a lot of the baby boomers retiring and a new generation of power lineman will be in greater demand. This is a great starting point, top notch experience in the power line construction field will give these students an upper hand on positions becoming available throughout the country. The Gary Center also trains in over 25 vocation in three Professional Learning Committees;  Construction and Manufacturing, Health Sciences, and Human Services and Information Technology.  For further information contact Randolph Goodman, Business & Community Liaison, 512-396-6386, email “Job Corps Works”, training for tomorrow, today.