Glenmont Job Corps Center

Vaccination Station!

November 16th, 2021

Glenmont Job Corps has always been on the front line fighting against COVID-19. June 2021 Glenmont, along with the Albany Coun-try Sheriff Department, held our first on-center vaccine clinic. With serval opportuni-ties for fully vaccinated students to work a Leisure Time Employment job off-center, take weekend passes, attend off-center intern-ships, and much more! Today our center teamed up with the Albany County Depart-ment of Health 30 of our students received their first dosage, and serval staff received their booster shots! For more COVID-19 vac-cine-related questions, please visit wellness and speak to one of our nurses to be educat-ed about the vaccine and any other health-related questions! Remember, we’re STRONGER TOGETHER!