Homestead Job Corps Center


April 23rd, 2010


 As part of Job Corps’ green initiatives and projects funded by ARRA, the National Office of Job Corps placed a priority on making Job Corps Centers more environmentally friendly and giving staff and students opportunities to participate in activities that support an environmentally friendly world through the Earth Day Every Day initiative. The Earth Day Every Day initiative encouraged staff and students to incorporate environmental stewardship throughout their Centers and communities. Activities were planned and carried out the week of Earth Day, April 19 through April 23, 2010. These activities promoted an understanding of concepts and actions that are integral to the success of the green economy, like renewability and sustainability.

A “Green Rally” was held to kick off Earth Day Every Day week at HJCC.  Students were treated to a real surprise when Center Director Anthony Taylor, entered the crowded auditorium dressed as the Jolly Green Giant.  Students were then encouraged to answer questions about the environment to win “green”. Five dollars was awarded for each correct answer.  Local vendors exhibited at a “Go Green Fair” promoting their sustainable products.  Students were asked to raise their right hand and take a vow to “Go Green”.  Three groups of Homestead Job Corps students conducted a “green energy audit” of the three dorms on Center.  They looked for ways to improve the environment by pointing out leaking faucets, blocked air ducts and phone chargers left plugged in.  As part of “Path to a Greener World” and as a way to culminate the week,  students and staff planted a 5 foot tree to dedicate Earth Day Every Day at Homestead Job Corps Center.  A plaque was presented and a dedication ceremony took place.  For more information about Homestead Job Corps Center,